15 Best Bagged Vacuums: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Everybody should have a high-quality vacuum cleaner, and many of them already have it. The vacuum should be handy to remove dust, pet hair, debris, and all other smaller dirt.

The question sometimes arises that how much trash it collects and how it disposes of them. This is where bagged models of vacuum cleaners come in, and you’ll find lots of models of bagged vacuums out there in the marketplace.

Among the types of upright, robotic, handheld, and stick, some of them are bagged, and others are bagless. But, we’ll focus just on the best bagged vacuums for today, along with a useful buyer’s guide and some FAQs.

Well, let’s get started!

15 Best Bagged Vacuums (2022 Update)

Kenmore Elite 3115 Beltless & Pet-Friendly Bagged Vacuum

As an extremely versatile bagged vacuum, the Elite 3115 of the Kenmore brand is at the top position of the list. The vacuum is not just suitable for bare floors; it also works well on carpeting floors.

Moreover, it’s strong enough to remove pet hair as well as clean after kids and toddlers. Thanks to the beltless design, it’s very user-friendly and works efficiently.

Due to its beltless pattern, it lasts more and needs less effort of maintenance in comparison to a belted model. Since the device has a higher number of RMP brushes, it’s ideal for cleaning pet hair from your upholstery and carpet.

The machine comes with an option of hypoallergenic due to its HEPA filter system. The filtration system also helps you to clean with safely and reduces allergens and pollens in your house.

Indeed, you’ll find a vast scope of keeping your home 99.97 percent free of dust mites and dirt. That’s why the model is perfect for you if you have a pet or small kids in your house.

The latest technology of 3D Motor of the original Kenmore brand provides 20% more strength of airflow than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Among key features, the major ones include five different adjustable heights, a telescopic wand, and useful accessories.


  • Integrated HEPA filter
  • Reasonable Price
  • Higher RPM dusting brush
  • Sturdy beltless design


  • Blows out a vast air

Eureka’s Mighty Mite3670G Canister Bagged Corded Vacuum

Unlike other models, canister vacuums provide more advantages. Likewise, the Mighty Mite3670G of Eureka is simple to use and move. As it progresses, the maximum number of weighing from its cleaning head, it’s as lighter as user-friendly.

So, it’s just ideal for people with issues in their back and shoulder. The type of canister bagged vacuum comes with a combination of the top features with styles.

The containing bag of the device is easy to take out and replace, along with extra power and increased vacuuming capacity. The canister patterned vacuum is light in weight compared to some other canisters in a similar price range.

Moreover, the model of Mighty Mite3670G is designed for multipurpose and multi-floor. So, you’re all set to choose the precise deep cleaning mode of your thick carpeting or bare floor.

An extended power cable of 20-foot makes the cleaning tasks easier as it gives you access to the entire rooms. Also, you’ll get lots of accomplishment while using this vacuum if you use it with the hose length as it adds extra flexibility between its head and the canister itself.

Indeed, the model is suitable for all types of homes, from smaller to more massive, without any issue and with easy maneuverability and flexibility.


  • The larger size of bags
  • Trouble-free to maneuver
  • Suitable for bare floor & carpet
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Not included HEPA filter

Commercial XL2100RHS By Oreck Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

The Commercial XL2100RHS is a tough guy by Oreck that has been designed for extended-lasting use with higher efficacy. As a multi-floor vacuum cleaner, it works excellent on bare floors like hard floors and high-pile carpets.

The device comes with a HEPA filter system with five stages that can clean about 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants and allergens in your house.

The XL2100RHS has equipped with an auto-sensor, and it helps you find out the type of floor you’re going to vacuum automatically.

As a result, it’ll, by design, regulate for the available flooring system it’s on rather than by hand changing between various types of floors. With just 9lbs of weight, the model is lighter than many other vacuum cleaners out there in the marketplace.

Besides, you can control the device with ease as it has a spinning design. So, you’re all set to vacuum the baseboard that remains against the walls. Thanks to its easy maneuverability, you can clean the tight to reach spaces and corners without trouble.

The moderately sized bag of the vacuum is effortless to remove as well as replace. It also allows you to vacuum the entire home with some passes before replacing its bag.


  • Realistic bag size
  • Lightweight
  • HEPA filter system
  • Easy maneuverability & control
  • Efficient suction


  • Tough to get going through thicker carpeting

Bissell Zing Bagged Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner by Bissell is another useful vacuum cleaner that comes with the advantages of the canister and bagged model. As a result, it’s an excellent cleaning tool with active vacuuming effort with ease.

For additional satisfaction of your mind, you’ll receive a 1 year warranty with this vacuum cleaner. That’s very significant as the model is extremely affordable with impressive deep cleaning power.

Because of getting a warranty, you’re secure enough to use this vacuum for a long time without any stress. As some similar Bissell models are out there, you should know what it offers you in unique. Its bagged design keeps the vacuum aside from the crowd.

Also, you’ll find bagless vacuum and other models that work almost the same way. If you desire to get the bagged design, this one is just a single piece to choose from.

The wand of the model is telescopic that helps you to clean under furniture as well as eases the task of grabbing cobwebs. A 2.5-liter containing bag comes with a vacuum, which is excellent for cleaning your home several times without emptying it.

Like some other models in this list, it’s a multi-floor cleaning vacuum that can clean your hard floor and carpet when you need it.


  • Highly affordable
  • Large containing bag
  • Swivel steering
  • Auto rewinding cord
  • Comes with a high-quality crevice tool


  • Not much effective on bare/ hard floors

Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Upright Vacuum

The WindTunnel series by Hoover is convenient for all types of dirt and debris, from smaller to large. That comes with pet hair with other kinds of dust left by your pet and toddlers.

The vacuum cleaner breathes up to this reputation. The basic model of the WindTunnel with lots of practical features is rarely available at some other products at a similar price range.

As its name suggests, its wind tunnel allows it to pick up comparatively larger debris and doesn’t clog or leave residual dust mites and dirt on the floors with high suction. Especially the model is suitable for you when you’re with the issue of pet hair and smaller kids dirt.

Also, the device doesn’t have any scratch bugger that allows you to vacuum your baseboard with ease. The wind tunnel comes with a useful headlight that helps you find the smaller dirt on the bare or hard floors.

As it’s very vital to see the dirt and dust to clean out, the light shows you all of them, and you’re all set to get a spotless floor. You’ll also get a tool of pet hand with upholstery that will help you to clean some problematic areas of your house.


  • Long hose & electric cord
  • HEPA filter system
  • Easy to lift more debris & dirt
  • Headlight to show dirt spot


  • Out-of-date appearance

Complete C3 By Miele Marin HEPA Canister Bagged Vacuum

Another Miele product, the Complete C3, will undoubtedly fill your needs that you’re seeking. The model is an expensive one among the product line of Miele, but it’ll make you smile with its features and performance.

Ultimately, it’ll save lots of money on bags and filtration systems. The German-made device comes with an extended warranty period, which is about 20 years on average.

The model does not just last for a long time; it also provides excellent performance with regular maintenance. The Complete C3 comes with a HEPA filter system along with unique designed bags, which is why it helps to increase the filtration power.

Although the device is a bit weighty than other models, it’s easy to move on your floor. But, it’s comfortable and practical to use the suction settings of the foot pedal.

As the product has reliable suction power, it works smoothly on thicker carpets and bare floors. Among other notable things, the major one is its durable design and excellent performance that will impress you all the ways.

Also, you’ll find it with larger bags that have higher capacity along with a new filtration system. Most importantly, it’s a great choice to pick up effectively the pet hair in your house.


  • Highly durable
  • Excellent suction power
  • HEPA filter system
  • High capacity, large bags


  • Expensive and extremely heavier

Hoover Commercial CH53005 TaskVac Bagged Upright Vacuum

With the appearance, Hoover Commercial CH53005 doesn’t have lots of things to note. But, when you’ll look at its power, it’s a solid performer. As its name suggests, the device is mainly designed and prepare to use for commercial cleaning.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your home cleaning. Being an industrial vacuum, the model has a durable suction power that’s all set to accomplish your cleaning tasks with ease.

So, the vacuum is the right fit for you if you’re seeking a device that will provide you professional-level performance. It comes with five height adjustment options that allow you to set your preferred height according to the carpeting.

The wheels also have professional-grade will give you enough traction while cleaning the carpet. They reduce the mark of wheels and don’t leave discoloration or stains.

Likewise, the device has stain-proof barriers that prevent your furniture and baseboards from getting stains. Along with a HEPA filter system that’s available after upgrades, the vacuum has an inbuilt allergen filter.

Both filtration systems offer great jobs when you need to clean your house. Among other features, the important ones are a lightweight design, long wand, accessories, and extended power cord.


  • Baseboard & furniture buffer
  • Powerful suction
  • Multiple height settings
  • Easily maneuverable wheels


  • Noisier than other models

Miele U1 Powerline Dynamic Upright Bagged Vacuum

The model of Miele is another excellent product with many similar and unique features with strengths. Thanks to the unique design and additional focus on picking pet hair, the vacuum deserves its position on this list.

The U1 is slightly lighter than some other models, especially the canisters. The device comes with the feature of brush roll barrier recognition that helps you to find out if an issue comes out there while vacuuming.

The machine stops working rather than struggling to pass the available block. It does not just prevent overheating; it also keeps the belt of the dusting brush safe from breaking or straining.

Thus, you’ll get it for long term use, and the average lifespan of the Miele vacuums is about 20 years. The body of the vacuum can rotate for making the cleaning tasks easier as it has a great rotating neck joint.

With the agile strength, it can lay surfaces to clean out hard to reach your house’s spaces. The U1 has eight extremely bright LED lights located at its front side and show you dirt when you vacuum in the dark or faintly lit spaces.

Along with an extra-long cord, the model has the HEPA filter system that helps you to prevent 99.995 percent of allergens and pollens.


  • Extended lifespan
  • Protected brush belt
  • Strong suction power
  • HEPA filter system


  • Comparatively pricey

Oreck Elevate Command Upright Bagged Vacuum

If you’re seeking for lightweight and upright vacuum cleaners, the Elevate Command by Oreck is your right choice. There is no reason to buy it as the device comes with just 10lbs of weight, which is below the standard of the upright type of vacuums.

You already know about the benefits of getting headlights on the vacuum cleaner. Like the previous product, this item also comes with 5 LED lights. They help you to focus on the dirt and dust, so you’ll be able to pick them up with your vacuum cleaner.

The five-year-long, impressive warranty will keep you up without paying extra costs for any issue. As the model has different options like one or two speeds and 30/35-foot long cable, we recommend getting the two-speed and most extended cord options.

As a result, you’ll get more flexibility while cleaning. Apart from the HEPA filter system, the device’s bags are higher in capacity than some other ordinary models.

So, you can prevent issues like allergic reactions for you and your other family members. The vacuum has been designed with a low-profile that will ensure consistent best possible performance.

Overall, you’ll get control of your dirt and debris while using the Elevate Command of Oreck that has made of durable components.


  • LED headlights
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Lightweight
  • Included HEPA filter


  • Not suitable for loose rugs

Soft Carpet Series By SoniClean Bagged Vacuum

When you have high-pile luxury carpeting, it needs special maintenance than other carpets. So, you need a particular type of vacuum cleaner, and the Soft Carpet Series is all set to meet all your needs.

The model has not just designed for a specific kind of carpeting, and it’s also perfect for bare floors like hardwood floors. It’s unique in features and performance when you need to deal with thicker and softer carpeting.

With the latest sonic technology of cleaning, the model produces up to 200 bars per second that help you remove your carpet’s fixed dirt. Also, the technology is well proven and accepted by the professionals to boost up the performance of carpet cleaning tasks.

Besides, it uses an incredibly soft roll brush that has designed to provide you more efficacies while cleaning the thin and thick carpets with safety and ease. Along with the lightweight design, the vacuum cleaner offers a unique EZ-Push system with an adjustable vent.

The jam protection option of the device automatically stops it when there is something clogged in its brush roll. This feature helps the motor to go for an extended period of use without any issue. And its HEPA filter system gives you better protection against allergens.


  • Latest Sonic vibration technology
  • Vacuum wheels are large
  • Perfect for special, thickest carpeting
  • Lifetime warranty for the belt


  • Not suitable for bare flooring

Metropolitan VNB-83BA Vac’ n’ Blo Bagged Compact Vacuum

The VNB-83BA is another bagged vacuum just for you if you need a versatile device to invest in. First off, the model comes with 13 useful attachments that will help you to accomplish your cleaning task with ease. Thanks to its flexible hose, you can use it to clean your car inside.

Long wands enable you to clean the tough to reach spaces in your house and car as well. Moreover, you also have the option to use the vacuum as a blowing machine that’s a cool feature for more performance.

Other than dealing with your house and cars, the vacuum is good enough to clean your boats that are highly appreciating. The performance on the hard or bare floor is excellent because of its extraordinary suction power.

With a 4HP motor, it gives you quite more reliable performance while cleaning lower pile carpets. You also all set to remove dirt and dust from your computer inside, dispel fallen leaves, and blow up the air mattress.

The combination of vacuum and blower with lots of attachments is excellent for precision and power that precisely what you want. As it’s 17-inch in length and 7-inch in diameter, you can get done your cleaning tasks right away with higher efficacy.


  • Steel build, durable machine
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Extremely versatile
  • Multipurpose: vacuum & blower


  • A short power cord

Sanitaire SC888K Bagged Commercial Vacuum

The SC888K of Sanitaire brand is a commercial bagged vacuum that comes with commercial-level features and performance. So, it’ll make your commercial cleaning tasks a breeze with its high-quality build and the filtration system.

The first notable feature of the model is its 50-foot long cable that allows you to reach any corner of the floor without changing the power outlet. A decent 12-inch, more significant cleaning path is suitable to complete cleaning faster and effectively.

As the device is durable enough, you’ll love everything from the base plate to the handle, and the hood all have made of sturdy steel. The feature of the fantastic Quick-Kleen is something that will draw your thought because of its ball bearing and metal made brush roll.

You don’t need to buy a new bristle for the issue of wearing since it strips to replaceable. With a 7-amp motor that provides 146CFM with its more significant cleaning path, the device also comes with six different carpet height settings.

Apart from its powerful motor life, the SC888K is hugely user-friendly, dual zipper and simple access clip.

As the model comes with a fan chamber with a transparent cover that allows you to view, access, and service its impeller fan. So, you can avoid extra expenses for maintenance, and it’ll save you time as well.


  • 6-level adjustable height settings
  • The larger dirt collection bag
  • Included furniture guard
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Not included attachments

ProTeam’s ProVac CN Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Since the manufacturer specializes in producing commercial vacuums, the ProVac Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes with a larger dirtbag capacity. With a 10-quart of size, the model is well fit to hold more dirt that’s three times more than some other ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The canister type vacuum has been designed for commercial use, especially for restaurants because of having special restaurant kits. Simultaneously, you’ll also be able to use it for some other purposes, including carpets and hard floors.

The machine is extremely durable that will impress you with its moving parts. No matter it doesn’t have belts and beater bars, but its excellent filtration system reduces wearing.

Thanks to its four different filtration levels, it’ll trap all dust and dirt to purify and enhance the quality of your indoor air. So, if you want to boost the cleaning products, the ProVac vacuum is your right choice.

The suction-only model, with a highly powerful motor, allows you to pick up all kinds of dirt like food scraps, large debris, and even napkins. It’s more efficient with an improved cleaning system that allows you faster cleaning than many upright and other vacuums types.

The high-quality construction of the parts helps you to keep them clean in your dishwasher. Also, it’s versatile enough to clean different types of floors and other household things.


  • Extremely durable
  • Accessories for more productivity
  • The larger dirt collection bag
  • Commercial canister model


  • Expensive

Sanitaire SC886F Tradition Commercial Upright Bagged Vacuum

With durability and practical features, the Sanitaire SC886F is a great vacuum to avail you of higher productivity in cleaning at a comparatively lower cost. As the device comes with a chrome hood, it protects the tool from a harsh environment.

Also, the prolonged motor life gives you above two thousand hours of cleaning power for commercial spaces. Thanks to its larger dirt collection bag, it can hold about 18 US quarts of debris and dirt.

So, you don’t need to empty it several times while working and can get done your cleaning tasks without any break. The device is also simple to maintain as it has some unique features such as a Chrome brush, replaceable strips, and the latest designed Quick Clean system.

Utterly reliable, the full-featured vacuum cleaner comes with a lightweight design, and you’ll find everything you want in a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

Apart from the unique features of maintenance, the device has a metal made clip bag for smoother release that causes the vacuum cleaner easy to use, upkeep and extremely beginner-friendly.

The Sanitaire SC886F is not just a commercial vacuum cleaner; it also has a commercial-type removable power cord that’s 50 feet. As a result, you can clean your commercial spaces without changing the power outlet while working.


  • HEPA filtration
  • Automatic LED light
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong attachments


  • Not suitable for hard floors

Sanitaire SC9180B MULTI-SURFACE Upright Bagged Commercial Vacuum

A certified vacuum cleaner is all set to accept all cleaning challenges. Yes, we’re talking about Sanitaire SC9180B that can meet your all needs, whatever you expect from a commercial upright vacuum cleaner.

With a 67 dBA quieter motor, the device is similar to standard conversation levels. As it has a telescopic wand on its board along with a removable dusting brush is easy to clean all crevices and corners of your house.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a disposable bag for dust containment that’s easy to set up and take away. The HEPA filtration system with a 4-quart large collection bag has made the model a step ahead of other available products.

It has four different levels of height adjustment, which means it helps you to clean your carpet the proper way. Like some other commercial vacuums model, the Sanitaire SC9180B has a 50-foot long power supply cable.

So, you can accomplish your cleaning tasks in an ample commercial space without changing the cord outlet. That’s why it’s the perfect vacuum cleaner for people with need of a durable and high-powered upright machine.


  • Quieter operation
  • HEPA filtration
  • Long power cable
  • Durable


  • A bit weighty

Buying Guide

Let’s know what the factors are that you should keep in your consideration while buying a bagged vacuum cleaner.

Mobility & Reach

The versatility, as well as the reach of your bagged vacuum cleaner, is a very crucial factor to have in it. You should ensure if it’s effortless to steer and move, plus whether or not it’s easy to tackle the helm of furniture along with other obstacles.

Some vacuums come with extension wands or hose that helps you to clean the tough to reach spots. So, ensure the device you’re going to buy that provides you these capabilities if you consider it very important. Make sure to clean the vacuum hose regularly to get optimal performance from your vacuum.

Bag Design & Capacity

Having bags with the vacuum cleaner is very important as they hold dirt and work like a filter. Bags with HEPA filtration systems are most preferred for all types of cleaning tasks.

In any case, most products that we have enlisted in the list come with HEPA filtration. Apart from ensuring this feature, you also should consider the capacity of the bags.

You need a bag that can hold lots of dirt that will allow you to get done your cleaning tasks without any break. But, don’t forget to avoid reusable bags to trim down the maintenance costs.

Adjustable Suction

Many people don’t know the value of an adjustable suction. It’s vital to get a vacuum cleaner with this feature for flexibility, resourcefulness, and various clean types of surfaces.

When you have a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction, you’re all set to clean most types of floors with drapes and carpets. Also, it allows you to pick up large dirt and debris with ease.

Ease of Emptying

The key benefit of getting a bagged model of a vacuum cleaner over the bagless ones is because it is as quick as straightforward to make empty. It should be like you take out the bag and discard it and keep the new bag, and you’re all set to go.

Unlike the bagless models, the bagged ones don’t need to search and make them clean inside. So, it should be easy enough when you need to empty the bag for the best result.

FAQs The Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

We’re sure that lots of questions are peeping into your mind regarding bagged vacuum cleaners. Well, let’s know about some of them below:

Can I Use Bagged Vacuums To Pick Up Pet Hair?

Yes, indeed, you can use bagged vacuum cleaners to get rid of pet hair in your house. Indeed, the difference between a bagless and bagged vacuum cleaner is very little when you compare them in their effectiveness.

Which One Is Better Among Bagged and Bagless Vacuums for Allergies?

Using bagged vacuum cleaners is better than other models like bagless or canister when you need to deal with allergies and pollens of your house.

Does A Bagged Vacuum Come With A Filter?

Yes, of course, it does. Apart from the bagged model, the bagless vacuum model also comes with a filter. And most of our reviewed ones have an effective HEPA filtration system.

Are Bagged Models More Preferable than Bagless Models?

Indeed, bagged vacuum cleaners have some strong points to go after. But, it doesn’t mean they’re always more preferable than bagless ones. In any case, suction power, performance, and effectiveness are the considering factors to get the top position on each other.

Can I Use Bagged Vacuums To Clean My Hardwood Floors?

Yes, most of the models of bagged vacuum cleaners allow you to clean your hardwood floor. But, you should ensure the feature that you’re seeking before you buy it.


These days, bagged vacuums are getting phased out due to the more popularity of bagless models. But, they’re still strong in some points that you can’t ignore anyway.

For example, superior filtration and a hassle-free disposal system always attract and satisfy many users across the globe.

That’s why we have reviewed top-rated products appreciated by thousands of happy users. So, it’s your time to choose one from the list to enjoy a dirt-free environment.

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