5 Best Brooms for Tile Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Your home needs sweeping and mopping regularly in order to ensure that the tile floors are free of dust, granules, grime, and pet hair/litter.

The problem is that there are many different kinds of brooms in today’s market. The options are endless, making brooms selection an exhausting process.

In fact, every broom is advertised to be the best for your home. But is the broom that you are planning to buy good enough for your tile flooring?

We have five selections for you that will solve your dilemma. We selected each broom carefully, taking into account what you will want in your desired broom.

Quick Pick

The Angle Broom with Dustpan is our top selection for this roundup. This model is ergonomically designed and features top-quality flagged rubber bristles for superior performance.

5 Best Brooms for Tile Floors (2022 Reviews)

Angle Broom with Dust Pan – Best Overall

Introducing the Angle Broom, a precision angle sweeper that will restore the tidiness of your tile floors with ease.

Key Features:

  • Angle broom
  • Feature triple bristles technology
  • Hanging loop
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Compact storage for broom and dust pan

Product Description:

The Angle Broom has a 54-inch long metal handle, which is a good feature because it allows you to stretch too far for cleaning hard to reach areas.

This model has three extension levels, including 40.5-inch and 54-inch, making it ideal for short, medium tall, and tall people.

It has a cleaning path of 11 inches that covers a fairly wide area at once, which means you will take less time sweeping a larger area.

The broom has a firm sweeping head that is super easy to maneuver, especially around corners, edges, and furniture.

What you will truly find most impressive are the four layers of heavy-duty bristles, considering how effective they are at sweeping dirt and debris.

With this unique model, you get a free dustpan that not only provides snap-on broom storage, but is also very effective at collecting dust and debris.


  • Long broom handle with three extensions for versatility
  • Has a considerably wide sweeping path
  • Very firm sweeping head for cleaning corners and furniture
  • Very durable and soft bristles that will not break easily
  • Comes with a resourceful broom dustpan


  • The metal handle makes the tool a little bit heavy


This broom was certainly built for tile and hardwood floors. The rubber bristles are tough and the handle is maneuverable and durable.

TreeLen Dustpan and Broom – Best Value for Money

If you are looking for a decent quality broom and dustpan combo for your home, you should look no further than the treeline.

Key Features:

  • Long 52-inch handle
  • Extension pole comes in the package
  • Dustpan is included
  • Built-in scraper and comb/teeth

Product Description:

This is an upgraded broom and dustpan combo, which means each feature has been improved to enhance usability and long-term durability.

The standard length of the handle is 40.5 inches, but there is an optional extension pole included in the package that will make the handle 52 inches long.

The dustpan has a moderately long handle that measures 38.5 inches, which means you will not have to bend or strain when collecting dirt.

It has nylon bristles, which are dense and stiff, but also very flexible for sweeping under furniture and around corners and edges.

The dustpan is fitted with a flexible lip that does a great job of conforming to the surface of your tile floor for maximum pickup of dust and debris.

The dustpan has a compact storage section that allows you to snap the broom into place for convenient storage when you are done sweeping.

The sticky sticker on the dustpan is almost impossible to remove. Also, the dust collecting container may be smaller than you had imagined.


  • The long handle allows you to cover a wider area
  • Very dense and stiff bristles are highly performing and durable
  • Comes with a resourceful dustpan for dirt collection
  • Broom and dustpan lock together for convenient storage
  • The optional extension pole is included for versatility


  • The dustpan is a little bit smaller in size
  • Has a sticky sticker on the dustpan


This is your go-to broom when you have dust and debris you want to remove from your tile floor.

Meibei Soft Sweeping Broom – Best Customer Service

Have you been looking for a quality broom that will clean all your hard floors, including tile, vinyl, and laminate? Look no further than the Meibei broom.

Key Features:

  • High-quality polypropylene fiber bristles
  • 13 inch wide bristles
  • Anti-scratch metal handle
  • Durable broom head
  • Long and highly maneuverable handle

Product Description:

This product is made of high-quality polypropylene soft bristles that are very effective at resisting chemicals, grease, and oil when cleaning your tile or vinyl floors.

The broom comes with a thirteen-inch wide sweeping path that allows you to cover a wider area when sweeping dirt and debris from your tile flooring.

It comes with an adjustable handle, which is a great feature because you can customize the length to suit your sweeping requirements without bending.

The handle is made of stainless steel material that is anti-scratch, high corrosion resistant, and it does not bend or break easily.

It comes with a convenient hook at the top of the handle that is contoured for a superior grip and a hole for hanging the broom once you are done sweeping.

The screw thread interface at the top of the handle is not expertly made, it may fail to hold the handle strongly in place.


  • Has very strong, flexible, and durable
  • The wide sweeping path for quick cleaning
  • Adjustable handle allows you to customize the length
  • The stainless steel handle is anti-scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Convenient hook allows for easy storage
  • Collapses easily for transport


  • Screw thread interface on the head is poorly made


This is a suitable choice for tile floor. It will also get the job done of tracking pet hair and litter.

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom – Best Double Bristle Design

The O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom is perfect for use in your home, especially if you have pets who keep littering your tile floors.

Key Features:

  • Double bristle design
  • Flare tip design
  • 12-inch sweeping width
  • 55-inch handle length
  • Features recycled materials

Product Description:

This model has a double bristle design that is made of firm black bristles, which will effectively move, grab, and hold hair and dust off your tile floors.

The semi-soft memory bristles never lose their shape even after being subjected to continuous back and forth movements and bending.

The broom has a fairly wide-sweeping width of 12 inches and flare-tip technology, which makes it easy to sweep and clean a larger area in a short duration of time.

It comes with a suitably long 55-inch handle with a convenient hook at the top. The handle is maneuver-friendly which makes the broom easy to clean under furniture and around corners.

Another great feature is the 11-inch wide dust pan with a rubber lip that attaches firmly to the handle of the broom with one click.

The lip of the dustpan isn’t greatly made. It may fail to create a tight seal when you press it against the ground.


  • Double bristle design captures all dirt and pet hair, litter
  • Memory bristles are very effective at resisting bending
  • Excellent broom for tile floors cleaning
  • Flare tips capture all fine hair and dust
  • Moderately wide-sweeping width for superior sweeping
  • Long metallic handle extends to hard-to-reach places
  • Suitable for surfaces like hard and tile floors


  • Dustpan lip may be poorly designed


This broom is a great choice for indoor and outdoor tile and hard floor surfaces. But the design of the dust collecting pan may disappoint you.

Evriholder Fur Remover Broom – Best Telescopic Handle

Introducing the Evriholder Fur Remover Broom, a good quality sweeper that will remove pet hair and debris from tile, carpet, and hardwood floors.

Key Features:

  • Natural rubber head
  • Has a multipurpose squeegee
  • Adjustable handle
  • Removable head for easy cleaning and storage

Product Description:

The broom features 100 percent natural rubber material that does a good job of capturing pet hair from tile floors, carpets, hardwood floors, and rugs.

It has a built-in squeegee edge that is very ergonomic, making it ideal for cleaning windshields, showers, and windows.

This model has an adjustable handle that extends from three to five feet in an instant, eliminating tedious bending when sweeping tile floors.

The telescoping handle has a convenient hook at the top that allows for a firm and consistent grip, especially when cleaning large tile floors.

Another good feature is the 12-inch big wiper squeegee, which will allow you to complete your sweeping and cleaning session fast.

The collapsible handle is made of average quality aluminum that may split if subjected to extensive use.


  • Innovative design is suitable for tiles, rugs, windows, and carpets
  • Natural rubber bristles capture all pet hair
  • Versatile squeegee edge gets rid of any liquid messes
  • The telescoping handle is adjustable for customized cleaning


  • The aluminum handle isn’t of the greatest quality


This is the go-to broom if you want a model that will get rid of pet hair and liquid messes off your tile floors.

Buying Guide

All floor cleaning brooms look almost the same. But there are a few factors that you can use to differentiate one model from the other, while buying a broom for tile floors.

Type of Bristles

In our opinion, this is the most important consideration when shopping for a broom for tile floor mopping. Bristles determine how effective your broom will be.

Flagged Bristles

With this design, the bristles are tattered at the ends. Frayed bristles are very effective at collecting fine or small particles.

Flagged bristles will sweep fine powders (such as flour), dry floors containing dust/granules, and smooth floors (such as tile, hardwood, and cement).

Unflagged Bristles

With this design, the bristles are stiff and straight. They are the best for cleaning large debris. They come highly recommended for uneven, rough, or wet floors. They are also ideal for sweeping outdoors.

Bristle Material

Once you have decided on the bristle type, the next important consideration is the bristle material. Here are the main types of materials you should be looking for:


These bristles are ideal for sweeping heavy floors. They provide shear break strength and superior abrasion resistance.

These bristles are resistant to discoloring, stain, bacteria growth, fungus, oils, acids, solvents, and soapy water, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


These bristles are not only stiff but also very flexible. They are highly suitable for cleaning small or fine debris on tile, laminate, or hardwood floors.

But they are not extremely resilient when compared to polypropylene. So, we mainly recommend them for indoor use.

Natural Corn Fibers

We recommend these bristles for sweeping fine dirt and dust in dry environments. They are mainly made of hewn corn straw. But they can easily damage delicate floors.


You can use these bristles on dry as well as wet surfaces and floors. They have exceptional resistance to oils and acids. They will not scratch your floors.

Handle Design

Most handles are made of stainless steel material with a few models made from other types of materials. Regardless of the materials, you need a telescopic handle.

Telescopic design allows you to customize the length of the steel handle to suit your desired or preferred height for ease of use during long sweeping sessions.

Other Considerations

You can choose a broom that comes with a dustpan. Preferably, the dustpan should have a snap-on feature for storing the broom after cleaning.

You can also choose a broom that comes with a convenient hook at the top of the handle. This provides you with a suitable way of hanging the broom after use.


Our overall best selection is the Angle Broom with Dustpan. This is a highly versatile broom for tile floors and perfect for sweeping off all the dust and dirt.

Unlike conventional brooms, this model features four layers of bristles for professional-grade sweeping. The bristles will not break even if you expose them to excessive bending.

The telescopic handle is adjustable, making it ideal for both short and tall people. You will hardly complain of backache.

Generally, we recommend brooms with flagged bristles that are either made of polypropylene or nylon for keeping your tile floors clean.

Also, make sure the handle is telescopic and the head has a wider sweeping width.

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