5 Best Cleaner for Vinyl Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Vinyl floors look spectacular when properly cleaned, but are you sure you are using the ideal cleaner for vinyl floors?

There are so many formulas out there. All claiming to be perfect in cleaning vinyl, laminate, tile, hardwood, and stone floors, among others.

But the sad truth is that not all of them do actually work as claimed by the manufacturers. In fact, you might end up with a cleaner that leaves a dulling residue on your floors.

To help you with your search, we took a considerable number of hours to find the best vinyl floor cleaner. The following formulas are what we found.

Our top pick is the Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner. This water-based formula is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and offers you two refilling options.

5 Best Cleaner for Vinyl Floors (2022 Reviews)

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner – Best Overall

Flooring contractors agree, when searching for a high performing cleaning agent for your vinyl floors, use Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner.

Key Features:

  • Very low VOC emissions
  • Water-based cleaning formula
  • Contains ethoxylated alcohol
  • Features splash-less technology
  • Refillable mop cartridge

Product Description:

Bona makes everyday cleaning of your floors effortless. All you have to do is apply and clean. It is a very safe choice for your vinyl floors.

This is a water-based formula, which is a great feature because it dries faster and does not leave any dulling residue behind. It is a safe choice for people as well as pets.

The cleaner is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified. This means it features very low VOC emissions, making it safer for sensitive people and the environment.

In addition to vinyl, the Bona cleaner is also suitable for quarry, ceramic, LVT, sealed porous marble, terrazzo, stone, and linoleum surfaces.

It has a unique bottle design that makes refilling a reusable spray mop cartridge or a spray bottle a breeze. It is also compatible with many refill options.

But the thing is, the Bona Cleaner may not be the best choice for laminate floors, just in case you were looking for a multipurpose formula.


  • The water-based formula dries remarkably fast
  • Produces very low VOC emissions, making it ideal for the environment
  • Spray bottle and mop cartridge refilling options available
  • Splash-less bottle design make sures a smoother pour
  • Suitable for a wide range of floors, including vinyl and ceramic
  • It adds a protective, durable layer to your vinyl floors


  • Tends to leave dulling spots on laminate floors


You will be surprised by the high performance of this amazing formula. You can use it with your traditional microfiber mop to restore the good looks of your vinyl surfaces.

Rejuvenate High-Performance All-Floors Cleaner – Best Multi-Purpose Formula

Introducing the Rejuvenate High-Performance All-Floors Cleaner, the most versatile formula for your vinyl, stone, and tile floor cleaning.

Key Features:

  • One gallon capacity
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • The formula is pH balanced
  • Click n clean compatible
  • Residue-free cleaner

Product Description:

The Rejuvenate Cleaner is a non-concentrated formula, which is a good feature because you don’t have to dilute it since it is ready to use out of the bottle.

The formula is streak and residue-free, making it suitable for vinyl and tile floors. You don’t have to be concerned about stultifying marks.

All the ingredients used in this product are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. So, it generates very low VOC emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

The formula is pH balanced with shine boosters, which strip away residue, get rid of old wax buildup, and neutralize any contaminants on your vinyl floors.

There are two ways you can use this formula. First, you can use a spray bottle and a traditional microfiber mop. Second, you can use the click n clean spray mop system.

Refilling is remarkably easy. Just pour the ready to use cleaner into a 40-ounce or 32-ounce bottle or cartridge.

However, this cleaner is not an ideal choice for laminate floors. It tends to leave residue behind, just in case you were planning to use it on laminate.


  • Very effective at removing dirt, scuff marks and grime from vinyl floors
  • It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means it is a low VOC formula
  • It is pH balanced for neutralizing contaminants and stripping away residue
  • Super easy to use with a click n clean spray mop system
  • Comes with a one year warranty against defects and advertised performance



This formula is the best choice for most surfaces, especially vinyl floors. But you will be better off with another cleaner if you have laminate floors.

Mannington Rinse-Free Cleaner – Best Rinse Free Formula

If you are looking for a concentrated formula that is super easy to apply, look no further than the Mannington Rinse-Free Cleaner.

Key Features:

  • It is a concentrated formula
  • Produces a bright shining surface on vinyl floors
  • Contains gentle cleansing agents
  • Easily removes dirt and grime
  • No rising is necessary

Product Description:

Installing a new vinyl floor is an exciting way to spruce up any space in your home. But you need the Mannington Rinse-Free Formula to keep it clean and shiny.

This is an easy flooring formula to use. Just add a quarter cup of Mannington Cleaner to a gallon of warm water and mop with either a sponge or a microfiber mop system.

You can use this formula on any ceramic or vinyl flooring. You can also use the cleaner on stone flooring that has been grouted.

This formula leaves no residue behind and is a no-rinse product, which means you can use a simple back and forth motion to clean your floors.

But the thing is, this formula may fail to perform as you would have expected if you do not dilute the appropriate amount.


  • It is a powerful formula for removing any tough stains
  • Formula is straightforward to dilute and apply on vinyl floors
  • It is made up of gentle ingredients that will not harm your floors
  • No rinse is required, just a few back and forth passes
  • Leaves your vinyl flooring bright, shiny, and spotless


  • You may not be able to withstand the smell of the concentrated product


As long as you dilute the correct amount, the Mannington Rinse-Free Cleaner is the go-to formula to easily clean vinyl floors.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor Cleaner – Best Hypoallergenic Formula

Introducing the Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor Cleaner, the best acid-free formula that will remove all the dust, dirt, and wipe up spills on vinyl floors.

Key Features:

  • Streak-free deep- cleaning formula
  • A hypoallergenic cleaner that requires no rinsing
  • Gets rid of spills, dust, and dirt
  • Mist your floors and wipe to dry
  • It is biodegradable and eco-friendly

Product Description:

Cleaning dirt and spills does not have to be a backbreaking or tedious process, as long as you use the Black Diamond Stoneworks Floor Cleaner.

Unlike most conventional floor cleaners, this unique formula is integrated with a poly PS3 shield that is not affected by oil or any other kind of spills once applied.

This product does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it is acid-free, which means it is the safest alternative that will not damage or remove your floor finish.

It is a water-based, non-toxic cleaner that effectively removes beverage spills, food particles, footprints, oil, and dirt. It also dries remarkably fast.

It is easy to use cleaner. All you have to do is mist the vinyl floor and mop until dry. But you have to make sure that the floor is free of loose dirt.

But the thing is, the Black Diamond Stoneworks Formula doesn’t seem to be the best model for cleaning laminate floors. It has a tendency to leave a cloudy residue.


  • It is very light scented
  • A hypoallergenic cleaning agent that is suitable for allergic people
  • Very effective at getting rid of spills, dust, and dirt
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula
  • Easy to apply, just mist and wipe dry


  • Tends to leave a cloudy residue when applied on laminate floors


This is a great product for all vinyl flooring and surfaces. Not to mention how easy it is to use. It is also hypoallergenic for sensitive users.

Trewax Neutral Floor Cleaner – Best Universal Floor Cleaner

Are you looking for a universal formula for all your vinyl floor cleaning? Look no further than the Trewax Neutral Floor Cleaner.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with a neutral pH
  • Has optical brighteners
  • Contains UV inhibitors
  • Formulated with built-in water softeners
  • Compatible with spray mop systems

Product Description:

The Trewax Cleaner features a neutral pH formulation, which ensures it effectively and gently clean and extends the life of all your vinyl flooring and surfaces.

This formula will not leave behind dulling marks or residue, which is a great feature because you don’t necessarily have to rinse the floor during regular cleaning.

The cleaner is fortified with built-in water softeners, UV inhibitors, and optical brighteners, making the formula very effective at removing hard water haze.

It is probably the easiest formula to use. All you have to do is dilute one to two ounces for every gallon of warm water for normal daily cleaning.

But this product can cause skin and eye irritation. It may also irritate your mucous membranes. You are strongly advised to avoid skin, eye, and prolonged contact.



  • Neutral pH helps to improve the durability of your floors
  • Does not leave behind cloudy residue
  • No rinsing is required during your regular cleaning
  • It is great for removing hard water haze from your floors


  • It is a skin and eye irritant


This is a universal solution that is formulated for all your floor types. However, it has presented great results with vinyl floors, but it may not be an ideal choice for some floor types.

Buying Guide

Vinyl flooring is not as sensitive as hardwood or stone, but it is still vital to choose the right formula. Here are the main things we urge you to consider during your selection.

Ready to Use or Concentrate

Which one is better for your vinyl floors? According to floor cleaning gurus, both cleaning solutions are great options.

According to our findings, concentrated formulas are best suited for professional floor cleaners. Experts will have no problems with the mixing ratios.

On the other hand, ready to use cleaners are perfect for homeowners. There is nothing to dilute. Just add the formula to your spray bottle and start cleaning.

Ready to use cleaning solutions do also contain very few alarming chemicals. So, the formula is not a big threat in case you mishandle it during application.

What Ingredients Should You Avoid

You should avoid cleaners with a high level of acidity because this is not good for vinyl floors. Highly acidic chemicals may end up damaging your surfaces.

You should also stay away from abrasive formulas, even though they are very good at removing soil, grease, and tough stains. They may end up damaging your vinyl floors.

Avoid cleaners that produce high levels of VOC emissions because such formulas will contaminate not only the environment but also the air around you.

Stay away from petroleum chemicals and alkyl phenol surfactants. These ingredients are harmful to you and your pets.

Other Features to Look For

You might have the perfect formula, but is the bottle as good as the cleaner. You need a bottle that is remarkably easy to use.

In most cases, you will be using a spray bottle or a mop cartridge for application. So, the bottle containing the vinyl floor cleaner should allow for the splash-less pouring of the formula.


Our overall best formula for all your vinyl floor cleaning is the Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner. A streak-free formula that cleans and dries quickly.

It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified; so, it produces low VOC emissions. It is not concentrated, which means no dilution is necessary.

This product is also very versatile. Apart from cleaning vinyl floors, you can also use it on stone, quarry, LVT, and ceramic floors, to mention a few.

With that said, we urge you to look for a low VOC emission formula that is water-based, residue-free, and rinse-free for the best results.

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