Dyson DC34 Handheld vs V6 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum: Differences Explained

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There are some spots that a standard vacuum cleaner just can’t reach. Whether that’s in tight corners, up high, on furniture, or in the car!

If you have suffered from these problems, you might be interested in trying a handheld vacuum. Cordless and portable vacuum cleaners can help you catch those hard-to-reach places and can automate certain cleaning that you normally have to do by hand.

It can help you control any mess, anywhere, any time. Everyone knows that the infamous brand of Dyson is the king of vacuum brands on the market. And it’s undeniable that they have a vast selection of powerful and reliable vacuum cleaners to choose from.

They have been manufacturing vacuums since 1978 and sell in over 100 countries. The Dyson DC34 and the V6 trigger are both powerful vacuums with similar core features.

The DC34 is a compact handheld number while the V6 trigger is a cordless stick vacuum that came out a little later than the DC34, with a slightly upgraded feature repertoire.

While they are both good vacuums, we dive right into their features and compare the two to see how they perform against each other and which one comes out on top.

Dyson DC34 vs V6 at a glance

Check out our quick overview of the 2 vacuums here or read on to see all the features in detail.

Dyson DC34 Advantages:

  • Portable and comes with a dual-power mode
  • Uses Two-tier radial root cyclone technology
  • Great for picking up pet hair
  • Lightweight and Includes a combination brush

Dyson DC34 Disadvantages:

  • Shorter run time
  • In the max mode, the run time is reduced to 6 minutes

Dyson V6 Advantages:

  • Portable and comes with a crevice tool
  • On max mode suction power is exceptional
  • Boost mode and great battery life
  • A wide debris nozzle tool
  • HEPA filtration
  • This hand-held vacuum is perfect for pet hair
  • Longer runtime
  • One-touch bin

Dyson V6 Disadvantages:

  • More expensive
  • Slightly bigger and less compact
  • Does not come with a combination brush

Winner: Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the Dyson V6It has powerful suction, longer run time, reaches up high, and has a general all-over improved performance.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Let’s take a look at the differences between the vacuums and see how their features compare.

What’s included?

First things first, what do you actually get with each tool?

Well, the Dyson DC34 is a lightweight handheld vacuum. It has an easy handle to pick it up and maneuver it around, and it has a compact body and short nozzle for all your portable cleaning. It comes with a crevice tool perfect for getting into small areas and cleaning tough spots like furniture or carpeted stairs.

What’s great about the DC34 is that it comes with a multi-use brush attachment. This is amazing for getting stubborn pet hair so it is a great choice for pet owners. The Dyson Animal V6 is a cordless stick vacuum with the main body and a long tube nozzle meaning you can reach the floor and up high.

It comes with a main motorized cleaner head great for standard vacuuming as well as a multi-use brush floor tool, a crevice tool, perfect for smaller areas like stairs, and another mini motorized brush tool.

It also comes with a wall-mount so you can always grab it for easy access, this also has room to store different attachments.

Verdict: The Dyson V6. In terms of attachments, the V6 trigger comes with extra attachment heads for more varied and effective cleaning.

Cleaning performance

Now let’s take a look at how the two vacuums and see how they compare with regards to cleaning performance.

When we compare Dyson DC34 vs V6, the Dyson DC34 has strong suction power and performs a powerful clean. In fact, its special Dyson digital motor is three times faster than standard Dyson handheld vacuums. For a Dyson handheld vacuum, it is very efficient and you won’t be disappointed with the performance.

It uses root cyclone technology, with centrifugal forces that spin dust and dirt out of the air and it is designed not to lose suction power. As well, with the brush attachment, you can really deep clean carpets, furniture, and other areas, especially lifting hair from your pets or yourself with ease.

It has a boost mode for an even more powerful clean, although this does reduce the run time. The Dyson V6 trigger wins out on overall performance. It has a specially designed motor with power up to 100 AW that can deep clean even the most stubborn dirt and debris.

The light motor however means that the vacuum is still super portable and maneuverable, meaning you can reach high, low, and under furniture with ease. The two-tier radial cyclone technology elevates airflow and traps dirt inside and the boost mode also increases power giving it an edge over the DC34.

It offers a really versatile clean, motorized brush head having stiff nylon bristles that can really dig into the ground in dirt as well as carbon fiber filaments to lift away light dust. The V6 also has a wider variety of brush heads for different needs.

This means the V6 is perfect for all floor types and great for an all-over clean.

Verdict: The V6 trigger. Overall the V6 has improved and superior power and more versatile cleaning.

Run time

Now let’s take a look at the runtimes of each vacuum to see which one can provide a longer clean.

When we compare Dyson DC34 vs V6, the DC34 has a runtime of 15 minutes. This is fairly short although comparable to many other portable vacuums, and still gives you time to perform shorter cleans and tackle tight spots with ease.

The DC34 also has a boost mode which means you can increase the suction power to get a deeper, more effective clean, but in this mode, the runtime is reduced to just 6 minutes. This vacuum uses a Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and takes around 3.5 hours to charge up.

This is a fairly rapid recharge time but make sure you have it charged up at all times so it will be ready when you have some emergency cleaning to do. A great thing about battery life is that it also doesn’t fade during use, so your fifteenth minute will be as powerful as your first.

The V6 on the other hand actually has a longer runtime, equalling 20 minutes. This gives you an extra 5 minutes to complete your cleans than the Dyson DC34 vacuum cleaner, which can make a big difference, as it equals a whole 25% more. There is also a powerful boost mode that reduces the runtime down to 6 minutes.

It also uses a Lithium-ion battery that charges up in a similar amount of time to the Dyson DC34, around 3.5 hours. And the V6 trigger also has a powerful, non-fading battery life so you can retain maximum power throughout use and experience no loss of suction power.

Verdict: The V6 definitely wins this one with a longer, 20 minutes run time compared to the DC34’s 15 minutes.

Design and Usability

The design of a portable vacuum is important as you want to make sure you can carry and store it, as well as it looks nice in your home.

When we compare Dyson DC34 vs V6, the Dyson DC34 vacuum cleaner is super lightweight, compact, and transportable. It measures 4.4 inches in height, 12.7 inches in length, and 8.1 inches in width making it easy to handle and store. It also weighs in at just one pound meaning having to hold your vacuum during portable cleaning is no longer a problem.

It has an attractive look, coming in sleek grey with playful paneling in a brighter color like yellow or pink. It is made from the strongest, most robust materials meaning it can withstand a lot of bumps and knocks. This also means it is durable and will last a long time.

It is really easy to use with the power button sitting right inside the easy-grab handle. As it is a cordless design you can move it around anywhere and reach difficult places with ease. The V6 trigger has a slightly different design, but it is still totally portable, lightweight, and easy to move around.

It has a main body and then a super long nozzle hose meaning you can vacuum the floor from standing, or the ceiling too. Don’t always need this? Don’t worry, the hose can be adjusted to be much shorter too when you don’t need it.

It measures 10 inches in height, 16.3 inches in length, and 6.1 inches in width and weighs 3.4 pounds. This is slightly bigger and bulkier than the Dyson DC34 but the long nozzle is better for people wanting to reach up high. The aesthetic of the vacuum is sleek and attractive and it comes in silver.

It is easy to use with an accessible power button and straightforward controls.

Verdict: The Dyson DC34 vacuum cleaner is lighter and more compact so recommended for those people who value the portability and maneuverability of a vacuum. The V6 however might be better for those who want to be able to reach high up.


Now let’s take a look at maintaining the vacuums.

The Dyson DC34 vacuum cleaner is built to last a long time and doesn’t lose suction which is great. It is important however to remove the washable filter regularly to make sure it keeps working at its best. A great thing about the Dyson DC34 is how easy it is to remove and take care of the filter.

Simply press the release button, slide out the filter, and wash with cold water. Only replace it once it is fully dry which stakes at least 12 hours. Also, make sure that you don’t overfill the dust bin as this can reduce suction and therefore performance.

The dust bin does not use bags so there are no additional costs to buy any of these. The Dyson V6 also has a very hardy design and is built to last a long time. The light motor has constant power that doesn’t lose suction but there are some things to make sure it keeps working at its best. The Dyson V6 trigger has 2 filters, a pre-motor and post-motor filter.

These should both be cleaned on a monthly basis. You can unscrew the rounded pre-motor filter easily, lift it out and clean it with cold water letting the water into the inside and outside. The post-motor filter should be cleaned in the same way.

The Dyson V6 is also a bagless design so you don’t need to pay for more bags over the lifetime of your vacuum.

Verdict: Both vacuums are easily maintained with washable filters and bagless designs.

Dust bin and emptying

Now let’s have a look at the dust bins of each vacuum. By their small nature, portable vacuums can’t hold too much dust and dirt, but do these two do the job?

The Dyson DC34 has a bin capacity of 0.105 gallons. Although this is quite small it means that the vacuum remains light and portable. Also as this vacuum is designed for smaller cleans, it can usually provide enough room to complete the cleans you need.

Emptying the Dyson DC34 is also super easy. It has a hygienic emptying feature where the bottom opens with the push of a button to let the dust and debris fall out easily without getting your hands messy. The Dyson V6 actually matches the Dyson DC34 in terms of the dust bin with the same 0.105-gallon capacity.

This rivals other portable vacuums on the market. There is a handy maximum line on the dust bin so you know when you need to empty it. The Dyson V6 has an awesome and improved hygienic emptying system. Just press the release button and watch the dirt and debris fall out into the bin or a bag.

Verdict: Both. Both the Dyson DC34 and the Dyson V6 have the same bin capacity and similar emptying systems.


A quick note on the price of these two vacuums.

The price of both vacuums can vary depending on where you buy, but overall the Dyson V6 trigger comes with a higher cost. This is due to its overall improved performance and runtime so many people think this is worth it. If you are on more of a budget you might prefer the Dyson DC34.

Both vacuums, as they are from the same manufacturer, also have a 2 years parts & labor warranty, so you can breathe easy if anything breaks.

Verdict: The Dyson DC34 has a slightly lower cost.


What’s the bottom line? FOr an all-over better performance and longer run time we highly recommend the V6 trigger. It is also a better choice for people that want to reach high, low, or under furniture as it has a long nozzle.

However, the Dyson DC34 is still a great vacuum and particularly well-suited for those who want an incredibly lightweight, maneuverable machine at a lower price point. Which one do you prefer?

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