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How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Filter in 5 Easy Steps

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Most people know that Shark vacuum filters need regular cleaning. However, not everyone knows how often or what exactly needs to be done to clean them.

That’s why we’ve decided to write this blog post on how to clean a Shark vacuum filter! We’ll go over the 5-step process for cleaning your filter and give you some tips along the way that will help you do it more effectively.

What Are Shark Vacuum Cleaners?

First, it’s important to know what kind of cleaner you’re working with. Shark vacuum cleaners are canister-style appliances that come equipped with interchangeable attachments for different purposes.

Its most common attachment is a long wand and hose, which allows users to clean carpets by removing stubborn dirt from crevices where dust bunnies like to hide.

Other attachments include a bare floor attachment (great for hard floors) and an air-driven hand tool that could be used to dust furniture or clean upholstery.

All vacuum cleaners use filters in order to sift out the dirt and debris that is sucked into their systems. Shark vacuums are no exception. However, they do have one distinguishing feature: two filters!

There’s a sponge filter on the inside of your Shark, which gets dirty very quickly after you turn it on. The second filter is located in the dust canister, which gets very dirty after only one use. Both filters need to be cleaned regularly.

What Is a Shark Vacuum Filter Made Out Of? How Does It Work?

Most filters are made from foam or felt on one side with an adhesive backing that prevents dirt particles from getting stuck to the sponge itself, which would make for very ineffective cleaning.

Once your Shark vacuum filters are nice and clean, all you have to do is pop them back into their designated spots, and you’re ready to go!

Why Do You Need to Clean Shark Vacuum Filters?

A vacuum cleaner’s filters need to be clean to keep your appliance running as smoothly as possible and prevent it from breaking down prematurely.

If you let dust accumulate on either of these filters, your vacuum cleaner will lose suction power eventually and won’t pick loose dirt up at all. Also, some debris can find its way into smaller crevices of the appliance and clog them up, which will also reduce the unit’s cleaning power overall.

Aside from losing suction, dirty filters often give off an unpleasant odor, too. The sponge filter will absorb a lot of the pet odors and other smells in your house, so it’s important to keep that one clean at all times!

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Filters in 5 Easy Steps

To avoid getting stuck with an expensive repair bill, make sure to clean both filters regularly. Luckily, doing so is not difficult. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to clean your Shark vacuum filter below!

Step 1: Prepare Your Basin

Fill a basin or small bucket with warm water. Then, add a few drops of liquid dish soap and mix it around with your hands.

Step 2: Remove the Dust Cup

Unplug the vacuum and take off its dust cup. If you notice any large clumps of dirt, make sure to remove them before proceeding with the rest of the steps in this tutorial!

Step 3: Locate the Two Filters

Locate and remove both of the dirty foam filters of your vacuum cleaner and put them in the basin that’s filled with warm water. Make sure that there’s enough room for the filters to expand fully.

Wash all the filters under warm water to remove any dust, dirt, or other debris on them. Move them around with your hands until they are completely covered in bubbles. You can also use a soft brush to gently scrub off any built-up dirt that is stuck to the adhesive on the back of the sponge.

Take out any clumps of dirt or debris as necessary, depending on how dirty the filter is.

Leave them there for about an hour before removing them from the water and squeezing out any excess liquid that you can.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry the Shark Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Rinse each foam filter and let them dry thoroughly. Air-dry the foam filter dry for at least 24 hours under direct sunlight or near a heat source! If neither of those options is available, simply allow the filters to dry overnight.

Step 5: Put Everything Back in Place

Next, put both clean filters back into place within your vacuum’s dust cup and airways.

Let the appliance run for a few seconds and then turn it off again to ensure that no dirt or debris is left behind in either of the filters. This will prevent future clogs from happening!

This simple cleaning process will keep your Shark vacuum cleaner running at its top level, ensuring you have an effective clean!

How Often Should You Clean Your Shark Vacuum Filters?

Ideally, you want to inspect both filters every time you use your appliance and remove any debris or dust that’s gathered on them.

Then, you want to clean the sponge filter every two weeks or so by rinsing it with warm water until all of the dirt is out. Then, let it air dry completely before putting it back in your vacuum cleaner. The dust cup should be emptied after each use (or at least once a week) and cleaned with a damp cloth.

How Do You Change the Shark Vacuum Filters?

Before beginning this process, it’s important to remember that you’ll need a replacement sponge filter and a dust cup filter. You can purchase these separately or as a pack of two.

First things first, make sure your Shark vacuum is closed tightly before turning it over onto its back. Remove the dust cap from your vacuum.

Next, you’ll need to remove the old filters which are located inside of your Shark’s canister. There should be a tab somewhere on each filter that will allow for easy removal. If not, gently pull with some force until they come loose!

Using one hand to hold the dust cup securely, use your other hand to set the new filters into their designated spots inside of it. You’ll want them facing up towards you so that they catch all of the dirt and debris as it’s sucked through!

Once both are placed correctly, simply put them back on your dust cup and place the bottom of your vacuum back onto all fours.

After, you’ll want to run through a couple of test passes before you start using it as a vacuum, just to make sure that both filters are catching all of the dirt and debris.

A Quick Guide on How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Aside from the filters, there are other removable components of Shark models that need cleaning. Below are general instructions on how to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Remove the Filter and Brush Roll Assembly (if Applicable)

All vacuum cleaners have a filter located somewhere inside of them, most often found in the dust cup or below the dust canister compartment.

To remove these filters, you will need to open up your handheld vacuum’s top cover by twisting it off counter-clockwise. Once the cover is removed, you will be able to remove both your filter and brush roll assembly if they are attached.

Step 2: Clean Filter with Mild Soap Solution

Once the filters have been taken out of their compartment, run them under warm soapy water. You can also use appropriate cleaning solutions. Make sure not to wet any other parts of the vacuum cleaner as it can damage them.

Gently rub both filters with your hands to remove any dust and debris stuck on there. Be sure not to scrub too hard. Doing so will tear up your Shark filter material!

Step 3: Let Filters Dry On a Flat Surface

After you have cleaned all dirt from the filters, let them air dry on a paper towel or other flat, absorbent surface. Be sure that there is no excess water and moisture from the soap solution left over, as this will cause rusting and shorten the life of your filters.

Step 4: Reassemble Your Vacuum

Once you have allowed both filters to dry completely, place each one back into their respective compartments.

If you have a brush roller assembly, place this inside your vacuum’s dirt canister compartment as well. Replace the top cover by inserting it in its locking slots and turning clockwise until secure.

Step 5: Cleaning Other Vacuum Parts

Once these filters are re-installed, cleaning other parts of your vacuum cleaner is a breeze. Follow the instructions below to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner’s other components.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the vacuum’s exterior. You can also remove any scuff marks that have accumulated on its body or head.

If your Shark vacuum model has an outer filter (most often found in models with a dust canister), it is best to clean this at least once per month. Remove the Shark vacuum’s dust canister and use your fingers to brush off any large debris collected on the filter. Wipe down this filter with a slightly damp cloth.

For upright Shark vacuum models, the inner filters are located towards the top of the dust bin compartment. These typically require weekly cleaning, more often if you have pets in your home!

For these vacuums, twist off both covers to access this filter held on by a clip. Remove it and use warm water mixed with mild soap solution to clean the filter. Once it has been cleaned, let this dry before placing back in your vacuum.

Remove the Shark’s roller brush from its compartment to remove human and pet hair and debris. Use a comb or brush tool to remove hair without damaging the rotating brush head and its bristles!

You may also choose to clean other parts of your Shark vacuum cleaner after completing the above steps. Just be sure not to wet any areas near electrical components.

Once you have completed your cleaning, reassemble all parts of your Shark vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Shark Vacuum Filters

What if My Shark Vacuum Filter Won’t Fit Back In?

Using tweezers or needle-nose pliers, attempt to pull apart whatever is clogging the HEPA filter.

If you can’t get it out with your hands, look at what’s inside and see if any items should be removed before reassembling everything as it was!

How Often Should I Clean My Shark Vacuum Filters?

It depends on how often you use it. If it’s a heavy-duty machine, we recommend cleaning the filters every two weeks. If you’re using it on a lighter basis, once a month should be sufficient!

How Do I Clean HEPA Filters?

Dust HEPA Air Filter Cartridge in vacuum cleaner

To clean your vacuum’s HEPA filter, you must first remove it from the vacuum. Gently tap over a trash bin and let any dust and dirt fall out of your filter, then wipe down with a dry towel to get rid of anything left on there.

Once this is done, add water to your sponge or cloth. You want it damp but not soaked at all! Using gentle pressure, wipe the filter down again.

Let HEPA filters air dry before reinserting them into your Shark vacuum’s canister and running through a couple of passes to make sure everything is working as it should be!

How Often Should I Change the Shark Vacuum Filters?

The short answer: it depends on how dirty the room is! The more dirt and debris there is, the more quickly the filters will get dirty.

As a general guideline, we recommend changing the Shark vacuum filter every one to two months for medium use and every three to four weeks for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

Keeping Your Shark Vacuum Clean

Your Shark vacuum cleaner is an excellent investment for your home. And now that you know how to clean a Shark vacuum filter, your machine will remain in good condition for longer.

If you’re interested in other great cleaning tips, be sure to check out some more helpful cleaning guides in this blog.

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