5 Best Pool Vacuums For Algae: Reviews & Buying Guide

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While having the perfect tools to work with, you can get the jobs done with ease. Likewise, there is no exception in getting the right vacuum when you need to clean your pool for algae and other dirt.

Thus, you’ll find some effective pool vacuums that are good to help you accomplish the cleaning tasks. They’re as time-saving as well-designed to get your job done in no-time without facing any issue.

But, lots of brands and models can make you a bit confused to find out the exact vacuum cleaner that you’re seeking. No worries, we’re here to help you overcome this gloomy situation with our list of top vacuums for algae and a comprehensive buying guide. Just continue reading till the end!

5 Best Pool Vacuums For Algae (2022 Update)

Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The Triton PS by Dolphin is an advanced level of pool cleaning vacuum. With a fantastic work ethic, the device comes with a combination of modern technology. The vacuum setup method is simple, and you’ll be amazed to know how easy and fast it is to do that.

You just need the plugin of its power cord to start cleaning the algae and all other dirt from your pool. Its simple press button is ready to provide it the optimum cleaning effort that essential to get done whatever you have to clean up in your swimming pool.

The automatic feature to make its schedule means you have options to set it up to run at the way right you prefer. That’s why it can work for you as per the preset direction to operate the cleaning schedule on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or any preferred time basis.

The powerful and dynamic scrubbing brushes deal well with the buildup algae and stubborn dirt. As we stated, it comes with combining the most recent technology, CleverClean is one technology of them.

That ensures the machine will not leave a single inch of the pool without cleaning. You just need to wait for a few hours to see the outcomes of the device that you always seek.

Maintaining is just a breeze when it needs it because of its simple assembling and dissembling method. The extra-large filtration system is well enough to capture algae spores, fine dirt and debris.

So, we recommend the vacuum for people with a swimming pool size of about 50 feet. You’ll find it a fantastic pool vacuum for algae and most other types of dirt.


  • Double scrubbing brushes
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Extra-large filtration system
  • Tangle-free swivel cord


  • A bit expensive

Hayward Navigator Pro 925ADC Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Lots of noticeable features come with this Navigator Pro, while the most noticeable one is its latest SmartDrive technology. Whereas most other cleaners have suction with a different, random pattern, it indeed has some other plan.

As a result, it ensures to make dirt-free of each inch of the pool with careful cleanup. The programmable steering of this pool cleaner also makes sure that it stays free of dirt itself. That means the hose will not get tangled, and you’ll get minimum intervention while cleaning the pool.

Apart from said SmartDrive technology, the Navigator Pro is equipped with vacuum “wings” that are skirting along the surfaces of the swimming pool to dislodge and collect stubborn dirt and algae.

The device is quieter enough regardless of its moving parts as well as the powerful cleaning effort. That’s why it has the capability of cleaning your small to medium-sized pool within 3/4 hours effectively.

When you’re going to use it for the first time, it is easy to assemble the machine by following the clear and user-friendly instructions. The best thing about this swimming pool vacuum is that you should not buy a separate booster pump.

Because of these practical features and advanced technology, we highly recommend the Navigator Pro 925ADC of the famous Hayward brand. Notably, it’s suitable enough for the swimming pools with issues like algae and other dirt that need to clean regularly.

The rubber skirt design ensures light cleanup of algae and other debris and dust that have been fixed with the steps, floor, and walls. Most importantly, it suits better in the areas that close to lively or residential neighborhoods.


  • The latest technology of SmartDrive steering
  • Quiet enough while running
  • Improved suction
  • Simple assembling and connection


  • Increases deterioration on the filter of the pool

Pool Blaster® Max LI Cordless Pool Vacuum

The MaxLi is offering its service with redesigned and improved features and performance in the pool maintenance world with its flagship product. A hoseless vacuum cleaner is also cordless that comes with Lithium-Ion based rechargeable battery.

As a result, this is a mighty device, among many others, available in the current marketplace. For residential use, the model is the perfect solution to purify water, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.

The device is also easy to use, store, and you can do it like ‘grab-n-go’ without any issue. That means you can use this vacuum for the small types of spas and swimming pools with ease. Thus, it also much suitable for cleaning the spot before your guests arrive.

The higher capacity of its filter is capable of picking up most types of debris and fine dust. A 10.5-inch large suction pool vacuum head collects algae and smaller dirt to keep your pool clean, fresh and crystal-free.

You’ll be surprised seeing its reliable suction power regardless of being a vacuum of battery-powered. That’s how its Lithium-Ion type of battery provides you ultimate control for its suction that enables it to perform a deep and perfectly clean of your swimming pool.

So, if you own a small to medium size pool, we suggest it for the optimum results. And you can keep it on the top of your list for pool vacuum to maintain it because of issues like algae and other dirt.

The cordless model of this Max LI by Pool Blaster is the right fit for you if you have used a corded model and failed to get the best results. That means it’ll help you to avoid heavy hose and complicated connections of corded models.


  • Stronger suction
  • Great filter capacity
  • Simple storing
  • Cordless & convenient


  • Just a run time of 60 minutes

Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Vacuum

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If you’re with a big issue of algae in your pool, the F9450 by Polaris should be your right bet to resolve it. The vacuum is ready to start working after unboxing because it’s preinstalled. As a robotic pool cleaner, it just requires to connect with the power outlet to work with.

No matter the device is a bit bulky, its transport caddy helps you to move the machine with ease. That means it’s featured with the latest technology of ‘Easy Lift’ that allows you to bring it wherever you need or during the time to store.

In any case, you need to elevate the device beyond the swimming pool water using its transport caddy. You already know this model is great to pick up and remove algae because of its pleated brush. The brush is handy to dislodge most other stubborn dirt and fine dust along with debris.

Thus, you’re ready to handle and get rid of severe algae from your pool walls, floor, and stairs. Its suction intake has made a bit wider, enabling the device to collect the large debris along with fine dust and spores.

Even if you have slippery floors of tile, you can manage it using this robotic pool cleaner. As again, its pleated brush works great by scrubbing anything remaining in the tile’s floors.

Overall, the F9450 offers premium cleaning features and performance with the latest Vortex Technology. Also, it ensures prominent cleaning strength with the use of this technology without going down suction power.

Most importantly, it tackles most types of pool terrains plus climbs over anywhere without sticking. And its broad-spectrum filter canister comes with four times more capacity than ordinary vacuum cleaners.


  • Pleated cleaning brush
  • 4WD wheels
  • High. suction power and wider intake
  • Programmable timer


  • Extremely heavy

Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Home appliance and cleaning tools of Polaris series are well-recognized worldwide with a 40-year long service journey of the manufacturer. You’ll get the same premium quality construction, design, and durability in their pressure side pool vacuum cleaners.

In this sequence, the Polaris 360 comes with exceptional performing strength to remove and pick up your pool’s debris and fine dust. As a result, you’re all set to maintain the fresh and safe pool in the way it should be.

Being a part of the famous Zodiac cleaning and filteration system, it always likes to keep up its fame with pool cleaning devices like the 360 by Polaris. You’ll love the model at first sight for its attractively designed housing, which is translucent.

The visibility helps you to identify if the machine clogs anytime. Its UV-resistant feature, along with superior grip tires, is very advantageous for most types of pool surfaces, steps, and walls.

For the utmost power efficacy, this inground pool vacuum works great without connecting with a different booster pump. With the advanced technology of cleaning, the model was designed with an “all-wheel” that gets the triple jets’ power.

You can connect it with pressure lines, scrubs, sweeps, and vacuum most kinds of pool surfaces. The device comes with a filter bag with one chamber where it collects debris like pebbles and leaves.

It has a unique filtration system with a filter bag that removes dir before they reach the filter or basket of the pump. As a result, it prolongs the operating life and durability of the vacuum’s filter.

The inline backup valve of the device frees the 360-degree, as its name suggested when it arrived in corners. Thus, it keeps the cleaning process ongoing without any interruption.


  • Superior cleaning technology
  • Suitable in-ground pool vacuum
  • Not requited booster pump
  • Includes a 31-feet long feed hose


  • Prone to fell off the wheel after a while

Buying Guide

If you’re an owner of any kind of pool, you know algae are one of your uninvited guests in it. Also, lots of pool owners are out there using their various types of resources to eliminate them forever out of their swimming pools.

So, you have to make sure the best product that offers practically the best results. Well, let’s know about some factors that will help you to find the right vacuum for pool algae.


The quality products are always preferable and recommended for swimming pool cleaning. Especially if it is algae, then ordinary or low-quality vacuum cleaners will fail to provide the optimum results.

While cleaning and removing algae, a high-quality vacuum is a right choice for the desired performance. Also, premium quality items give you a hassle-free output of cleaning activity.

That means they’ll make fewer issues while operating without facing any kind of significant problem or malfunction. Thus, they’re helping to reduce cleaning time and increase cleaning productivity.


When you’re going to buy a pool cleaner for the issue of algae, you must consider your pool type. The reason is that the pool vacuums are designed to work with their specific type of pools.

That means if you choose the wrong kind of vacuum, it’ll not be compatible with your pool. For example, some of them work well with inground pools while some other works with the above ground pools.

Also, some pool cleaning vacuums come with features that are suitable for both types of pools. So, before you finalize buying a swimming pool vacuum, it’s crucial to know your pool’s models for the best compatibility.


While buying a pool vacuum, nobody likes to buy new pool cleaners every few months or every year. So, it’s a very vital matter that you should consider purchasing a durable and reliable pool vacuum for algae.

You have to pick one of the vacuums that are incredibly durable. And because of their great types of filters, the durable devices are a bit expensive. If you check out the user reviews, you can ensure the durability of the items you chose.

The reason is that the user’s reviews reflect the quality and durability of the products as they have used the products previously.


Although many people think the product’s weight is not a significant factor, they indeed should not do it. It’s because you have to carry it to the pool and return to the storage for each time you use it.

That’s why the product should not be very more massive; that’s tough or impossible to carry your own easily. So, you can’t choose the items with less weight to ensure the better convenience of the device.

FAQs The Pool Vacuum For Algae?

Which Pool Vacuum Cleaners Are More Suitable For Algae?

Many pool cleaners are out there work great to deal with algae. Even you can choose any one of the above reviewed products because all of them are good to overcome the issue of algae.

Can I Swim Or Bathe In My Pool If It Has Algae?

No, taking a bath/ swim in a pool with an issue like algae is not safe to use. It’s because algae may contain bacteria, parasites, and many more pathogens.

Can I Vacuum A Pool With Algae?

Yes, indeed, you can. But, you have to use a powerful and reliable pool cleaning vacuum, anyone like the products we have included in the list.

Can Sand Filters Eliminate Algae From The Pools?

Although sand filters can’t eliminate algae from your pool, it can lessen their presence. It helps you to reduce algae using a pool vacuum machine with ease.

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As an owner of a pool, you know the issue of algae is very annoying. And you can’t leave them untreated. So, you have no better way to buy a high-quality pool vacuum that’s good enough to deal with them in the right direction.

We have included and reviewed effective products to eliminate algae from your pool with ease. Now, it’s your time to choose any one of the enlisted products to manage the algae issue of the pool to keep it fresh and safe.

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