12 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: Reviews & Buying Guide

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When you don’t have enough time to clean a dirty pool, a robotic pool cleaning device could be your rescuer. If you have a high-quality product, it’ll take you out of the hassle of cleaning your pool.

As a result, you’ll get a safe pool with crystal clear water that you watch on TV. But, buying from lots of brands and models is a bit tricky for first-timers.

As most of the items are somewhat expensive than regular ones, it requires making a wise decision. That will ensure getting the perfect product and the best returns on your investment.

Well, let’s know about some of the best robotic pool cleaners that you’re in search of. So, let’s get started right now!

Top 12 Robotic Pool Cleaners (2022 Update)

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

With a vast experience of over 35 years for cleaning of the world’s swimming pool residence, Dolphin always keeps their reputation up for the pool owners. Thus, this robotic pool cleaner is no exception to that.

Apart from unmatched performance, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner offers you a comfortable cleaning solution along with longevity. Moreover, what matters is you’ll get enough time to spend with your family members and friends.

As an optimum performing robot pool cleaner, this device indeed is designed for cleaning of your in-ground pools. The robot just needs to set for work, and it’ll get the job done itself.

The scheduling feature of the robot cleaner allows you to establish cleaning cycles according to your needs. And it’ll do the tasks that you need to do automatically with ease. The incredible thing about this model is it’s 8X more potent than many traditional suction cleaners.

That means it’ll not just do your tasks smoothly; it’ll also save you money trimming down the electricity bill. Thanks to its CleverClean technology, it cleans dirt from your pool with a superior algorithm method.

The dual-scrubbing brushes of this robotic cleaner help you to dispose of all types of debris, dirt, and dust on the swimming pool floors and walls. So, cleaning tasks get more straightforward, and you need nothing to clean manually.

The device is ideal if you own an about 50-foot pool, and it’ll make your pool sparkling like gems in no-time. Spend less time on cleaning pool and more time on getting pleasure from your pool.


  • Automatic cleaner
  • Great suction power with high end technology
  • Easy removing cartridges
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Good for wall cleaning


  • Not suitable to clean the pool stairs

Polaris Sport F9350 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

The Sport F9350 by Polaris is a great robotic pool cleaner with two wheels. The tires come with the latest Aqua-Trax technology that is suitable for all types of surfaces.

The aquadynamic design of the cleaner has paired with creative engineering to construct it as a unique pool cleaner.

The device provides an unmatchable navigating feature with the technology of ActiveMotion. That’s why it works smoothly and effectively regardless of your pool size.

Also, it has the latest technology of Vortex Robotic Pool Vacuum which ensures collecting all types of debris faster with its higher suction power.

You can get dirt from severe to reach spots such as under pool stairs and corners because of its propulsion system of rear water. The tasks of debris disposing of getting simpler while using this robotic swimming pool cleaner.

The device doesn’t need changing its bags; you should just take out the lid from the filter canister as it’s more significant enough to hold lots of dirt. The alloy made caddy with power coating allows you to transport the machine wherever you need.

So, if you’re scared of moving the pool cleaners, the Sport F9350 is your right choice and the perfect solution to this issue. Thanks to all the other robotic cleaning machine features, it offers you some extra time to spend with your friends and family members.

That means you have a great option to reduce your cleaning time and give that additional time to your beloved ones who deserve it. So, the model is highly recommended for the best results.


  • Perfectly picks up even larger debris
  • It takes only two hours to clean a large pool
  • Effortless to move and store
  • Provides unmatchable navigation


  • The debris blows when it cleans.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

All most every feature and advantage of the previous Nautilus CC Plus is available in the Nautilus CC model. From three automatic settings, such as every day, every two days, and every three days, you can choose the appropriate one.

You have nothing to set up or assemble, and you’re all set to start cleaning after taking the cleaner out of the box. The push-button of this robotic cleaner is handy to operate.

That means this user-friendly robotic swimming pool cleaner is the right choice to deal with all types of debris, dirt, and leaves.

As a result, you’ll get a pool with a crystal clean look that will make you surprised. Also, you’ll get more pressure off your pool with safety.

The active dual-scrubbing brushes of the cleaner have 2X more strength in comparison to other ordinary brushes to eliminate even small debris and dirt.

Besides, the device doesn’t require buying a separate booster pump to work with because it has been equipped with the machine previously.

Still, it’s 8X more energy saver than many other suction and pressure pool cleaners machines. The feature of scanning with CleverCleaning technology allows it to identify and target the debris and dirt.

Instead, run in random models, it goes after an algorithm of cleaning. So, just relax by sitting back and revive your mind with fresh air after tasks of the whole day.

In the meantime, the Nautilus CC robotic cleaner will purify and clean your pool to make it gem-like clear water. Overall, it’s worth buying for its practical features and excellent performance.


  • Easy to clean the walls and stairs
  • Capable of cleaning all types of dirt and debris
  • Preset and user-friendly
  • Equipped with a high booster pump


  • cThe issue with a cord that gets tangled

Solar Breeze NX2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

As its name suggests, the Solar Breeze NX2 Robotic pool cleaner operates on solar energy. The device is designed and well enough to perform better than a hand skimmer.

It can remove about 95% dirt regardless of its dust, leaves, pollen, or other smaller items with excellent efficiency.

Because of its solar power operating system, it works for hours as long as the sunlight is available. That’s why it can run up to 23.5 hours every day to provide you the maxim productivity.

The device has automated to navigate the pool that can avoid sticky circumstances.

Apart from cleaning your pool, it also filters its water to provide you with clean, fresh, and safe water. The extra large capacity of collecting dirt is double that of other ordinary models out there.

While using this device, it’ll not just keep your pool clean; it’ll also save you enough time. And you can use the spare time for some other productive tasks, relaxation, or spending with your family for peace of mind.

If you buy this robot cleaner for cleaning your pool, you’ll have no use for the manual pool cleaner. Along with reducing the filtration, it offers you crystal clear water that you always want.

Also, you don’t have the issues of using cords and hoses; instead, it just needs to unbox and jump into your pool to start cleaning tasks.

Thanks to its solar energy operating system, it saves you electricity bill entirely with the option of unlimited time to use for cleaning your pool.


  • Solar power operation
  • Pool and water cleaner
  • Larger collection bag
  • Saves the whole energy bill


  • Sticks while climbing pool walls

Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool Cleaner

Are you looking for the perfect robotic pool cleaner for your 50-feet long inground pool? So, your searches end here because the Dolphin Triton PS is beneficial to clean your large type in-ground pools.

The cleaner comes with durable scrubbing power because of its PowerStream mobility. With a consistent gripping system, it provides a smooth working effort on most surfaces along with walls.

The device has a top-loading larger filter bag that collects lots of debris, dirt, and leaves.Apart from those features, it just takes two hours to clean your pool water. Thus, you’ll get almost a newer pool with see-through water to increase your enjoyment with safety.

Like other models of Dolphin, the Triton PS also comes with three different scheduling features to clean your pool automatically. Also, this device doesn’t need an additional cost to buy a separate booster pump.

So, it’s cost-saving and still works better than many other similar robotic cleaners of the same price range. The model is designed with a tangle-free and swiveling cable allows you the device to move to all comers in your pool to do the job smoothly.

Its active front brush spins 2X faster than the ordinary brushes to remove even the toughest dirt of the pool. That’s why you can leave your manual pool cleaning tasks for good with this automatic, robotic pool cleaner.

Thanks to its better-quality filtering capabilities, there is no chance to hide dirt or debris underwater. Unlike pressure and sustain cleaners, the Triton PS and other Dolphin models are self-reliant cleaning tools.

So, they don’t depend on the pool pump and filter when you need to get your cleaning tasks.


  • 2X faster cleaning effort
  • Large dirt container
  • User-friendly
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Anti-tangle cable


  • Unable to climb the steps

Hayward SharkVac Robot Pool Vacuum

If you want a robotic pool cleaner that’s specially made for the bottom cleaning of your pool, the SharkVac could be the right fit for you. With the latest smart steering technology, it helps you use it to clean your entire floor as quickly as effectively.

Since it works alone with the filtration mechanism, no dirt or debris can exist out there. Also, it can’t add damage to the pump while working. Two separate filters collect all trash and ensure the device doesn’t search out any way to get back them in the water once again.

No matter the model is a bit bulkier, it’s strong enough to provide you reasonably a workout. That said, it works on your pool bottom with ease due to its first-class components.

Moreover, the use of the most advanced technology in the device has made it as reliable as consistent to get the optimum results.

As the smart steering provides a dominant cleaning pattern and scrubbing pool floors, it bays all dirt just in two hours. The filtration mechanism runs separately to reduce the filter’s backwash cycle frequency.

For easy cleanup and quicker debris removing effort, it comes with a high-quality access filter. The device doesn’t require any extra hose, pump, or hookup as it allows you to use your garden hose.

So, it doesn’t require making empty the cleaner, and the filter enables you to remove debris faster and with simple cleanup.

Overall, the practical features and superior performance of the robot cleaner is worth buying. That’s why we also highly recommend the model to get the most excellent output.


  • Elegant steering technology
  • Two filtration elements
  • Perfect for floor cleaning
  • Faster and effective


  • Can’t clean walls

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin manufacturer has revolutionized with their pool cleaning tools, and the Premium robotic pool cleaner is one of their revolutionary products. Along with amazing features like waterline cleaning and a weekly programmable timer, the device is a power pack.

That’s why it’s no wonder the model is one of the best robotic pool cleaners among the Dolphin Premier product lines and many other brands and products out there. As it doesn’t require any assembling, just unbox it and start to clean up your pool.

Also, the cleaning tasks become more comfortable because of its simple push button. Like other models of Dolphin Premier, it also comes with CleverClean technology that ensures quick cleaning.

The design of an anti-tangle swiveling cable helps its cleaning tasks effortlessly with a smooth movement of the device. Besides, it eliminates the issue of sticking the cleaner on the walls of the pool while working.

The dual scrubbing brushes of the model deal with the most types of dirt, debris, and strains available in your pool. Unlike many models, the Premier robot cleaner not just refresh the floors of your pool; it also cleans its walls, waterline, and stairs within three hours.

For the best cleaning effort, it’s equipped with multiple filtration systems. These include a fine cartridge of bottom load, ultra-fine, and filter bag of oversized fine. An indicator of its full filter allows you to know when it gets full of the screen.

Along with three different settings, you can make a scheduled cleaning that works automatically. The model has disposable dirtbags to collect a large amount of debris that’s enough to clean the entire pool without interruption.


  • Champ-like cleaning of swimming pools
  • Multiple filtration systems
  • Optimal cleaning effort
  • The smart pool remote control


  • Unable to pick smaller debris

Aquabot APRVJR Robotic Rover Junior Robotic Pool Cleaner

The name of the robotic pool cleaner has added the term ‘junior,’ but the Aquabot Pool Rover comes with some reliable and practical features. The cleaner does its work the right way regardless of the pool shape.

That means it works great on oval, round, rectangular, and any other pool types for above ground just in a single hour. For jet propulsion and suction power, it’s equipped with a 24V powerful motor pump.

You just need to plug the cord in to start the cleaning process, which is why it’s incredibly user-friendly. The filtration system of the device is simple, with a filter bag for the bottom access. That makes this cleaner able to filter all types of particles, even if it’s macroscopic.

A 40-foot long anti-tangle cable of the machine makes the power supply convenient for the excellent suction power of about 70GPM. The fantastic technology of hydro robotic propels the device all over the pool with the water’s force.

The pool is straightforward to keep clean, and it doesn’t require any cleaning agents or chemicals. Among many useful features, it comes with a programmable timer to shut off the machine automatically when it runs two hours in a row.

So, you’re free of getting the stress of shutting the cleaner off after completing the cleaning tasks. You can use the Aquabot pool rover with safety on different flooring systems. These include concrete fiberglass, tile, vinyl, and granite.

Aquabot Pool Rover robot cleaner is also great in design to work with the pool with a flat surface. Overall, it’s an excellent investment of your money for the best returns.


  • Deals with smaller to more significant debris
  • Reduces costs
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Suitable for all aboveground pool


  • The design is not stylish.

Dolphin Escape Aboveground Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Escape by Dolphin brand comes with a great combination of unmatched performance and sleek design. As the DC motor of the cleaner is designed with low voltage, it uses 90% less electricity than many other models.

You need to use just180-watt to get its great job where most other models require 1800-watt. Its unique dual scrubbing brushes help it deal with all kinds of tough dirt, stains, and debris for some ground pools that need something more than just vacuuming.

The cartridge of the device is slightly larger, so it can pick up 60% more debris than ordinary pool cleaners. Thanks to its rubber track wheels, they prevent slipping and save energy wastage. The filter of the machine is easy to access from the upper side.

Because of its SmartNav 2.0 scanning technology, it allows cleaning the pool’s floor and walls efficiently. That’s why it’s a new Escape with innovative technology that ensures taking your cleaning tasks to the next new level.

Some models have the issue of getting water inside the pool through the wheels that result in the machines’ lower efficacy. But, it’s not an issue for the Escape because it has been engineered uniquely to avoid any problem and just ready to provide the best results.

For smooth and completely clean, a robotic pool cleaner requires one fits all type of filter for handling most types of debris. No more use of cumbersome and messy old fashioned debris bags.

It’s time to use smart scanning apps and navigation with the assistance of advanced algorithms. So, this is a handy device and all set to pick up all dirt and debris of your aboveground pool.


  • Lightweight & sleek design
  • Large filter cartridge
  • Comfortable to scrub & clean surfaces
  • Energy efficient


  • Not perfect for picking up larger debris

Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you want a great balance between the pool cleaner’s tools quality and price, the Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner is the right model for you. The device just doesn’t cost lots of bucks when you don’t desire to jump for an item that comes with a higher price tag.

Thanks to its extra-large, single cartridge, you can remove it from the device with ease when you need to clean it. The feature of automatic mapping of the pool ensures the size and shape of the pool comes in front of the X4.

Then it calculates and finds out a better cleaning procedure to clean accordingly. The cleaner drives on a 4-wheel that makes it possible to climb up pool walls without facing any issue.

Its basket collectors with two excellent filters collect a massive amount of dirt, up to 190c inches.

Since the filter basket is easy to clean, it’s effortlessly picked up the Aquabot X4 to rinse as well as replace it. The handy control panel is easy to use and sets a program based on hourly performance for automatic cleaning.

Like some premium models, it alerts you when its dirt container becomes full. Most importantly, the device is extremely energy saving as it uses just 180-watt of power to operate.

In many types of pool surfaces, this 4WD system provides excellent traction and reduces slipping issues.

No more spots should be left behind due to their stringent to reach the point as this model can manage 90-degree floors of the pool to its wall transitions. Overall, the X4 is a wise investment to get the best returns.


  • Larger cartridge
  • Automatic mapping of the pool
  • Drives on four wheels
  • High-quality & affordable in price


  • Unable to climb walls of 90 degrees

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Many different models of the Dolphin brand are coming in this review. That means the manufacturer always prioritizes producing top-rated, useful, user-friendly, and high-performing pool cleaning tools.

Likewise, the E10 of this brand is a great aboveground robotic pool cleaner that can deal with swimming pools about 30 feet. Apart from a 2-year extended manufacturer warranty, the machine is worth investing in for the best returns on your money.

Without the need for a separate booster pump, it works with just a single push button. Like all other Dolphin models, the E10 also comes with CleverClean technology. As a result, it makes it possible for smart navigation without randomly moving the device.

The filter basket of the model comes with a top to load design that makes things easier to remove dirt from the pool after completing the cleaning tasks. Its dual-scrubbing brushes rotate to clean away the stubborn dirt as it gets going through the surface.

The machine is sufficient enough to clean the entire pool floor within one and a half hours. Thanks to its simple cleaning process and efficiency, no work is hard work for this device.

That’s why you certainly can rely on it as the pool will get a new sparkling look after every cleanup with its superior filtration system and capabilities for floor scrubbing. The E10 and other models of the Dolphin are simply great cleaning tools, unlike pressure and sustain cleaners. Also, it doesn’t depend on the pool pump and filters when you want to get your cleaning works done. Overall, we recommend this robotic pool cleaner for its practical features and excellent performance.


  • Strong & well-built
  • Very efficient to work with
  • Doesn’t need any supervision
  • It does not require any supervision.


  • Struggles to collect larger debris

Hayward TigerShark RC9990CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward is a brand serving the world of the pool cleaning industry for more than 80 years. Thus it’s helping to keep pools for its owners to enjoy more pleasure by spending less time on cleaning pools.

The TigerShark RC9990CUB is that type of robotic pool cleaner that can do everything you need to keep your pool water fresh and safe for use. With QuickClean technology, the model is all set to clean your pool’s floor, walls, waterline, and coves only in one hour and thirty minutes.

The vast, handy, and automatic features of the cleaner allow you a watch a featured movie when it works for you on your pool. That’s also enough to brace yourself for a grand pool party with friends and family.

An onboard pump is included with this device that removes tough dirt with ease. The long power cord of the machine supports to clean a pool 40-foot long plus 20-foot wide. When you need to clean it, you’ll find it dull.

You just need to take out its filter to empty it by rinsing enough water and reload again for the next use. The latest Intelligent Microprocessor Technology allows it to clean out all types of pool surfaces as faster as effectively.

Overall, this is a robotic pool cleaner with the same efficacy and features that the users get from the Hayward brand. So, it’s highly recommended to buy for the best results.


  • Faster cleaning cycle
  • Energy-efficient
  • Unique filter system
  • Onboard pump


  • The cord tangles

Buying Guide

At the end of the review, we include this buying guide. That doesn’t mean it’s an ignorable thing when you’re going to buy a robotic pool cleaner.

Instead, this is extremely important to follow the factors that state in this guide. Now, let’s know what essential features are you need to check out.

Software Control

Some robotic cleaners go forward, and they go in another direction when they knock the pool wall. But, many other models are out there come with the options of app controlling even using your smartphones.

The app or software helps it to track the motions and ensures to clean up the whole pool area. As a result, it boosts up cleaning the pool and gets done immediately. No matter they might be a bit expensive, but you’ll get the optimum results for the reason you buy a robot cleaner.

Swivel Cord

You know the power cord tangling is a big issue if you ever used robots to clean the pool previously. For this issue, your robotic pool cleaner can’t reach all over the pool and provides lower productivity.

But, if you buy a pool cleaner that comes with a swivel cord, you can switch on it, and it can go anywhere and in any direction without facing the issue, unlike the dependable cord. So, this is a very vital feature, and you should remember it before you buy any robot cleaner.

Wall Climbers

As all robotic cleaners don’t have the ability to climb walls, you may leave your pool’s walls untreated. That’s not good for your pool, and it’s also a safety issue for the pool users.

So, decide which model you’ll go after to buy and then get that one accordingly. In any case, the feature of wall climbing is great for your pool as it helps you accomplish the cleaning tasks faster and effectively.

Pool Floor

This is also significant to learn about your pool floor before you buy a robotic pool cleaner. Lots of pool cleaning devices are out there, and they target different, as well as collectively.

For example, some models focus on cleaning fiberglass, tiles, and vinyl, while others do for only one of them. But, it’s better and recommended to buy a cleaner that can clean all types of floors.

FAQs The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Can I Use My Robotic Pool Cleaner Under My Pool Water?

Yes, indeed, you can do it as most of them are designed to use underwater to clean the pool’s floor and walls.

How Long My Robotic Pool Cleaning Machines May Last?

It depends on some factors like the quality of the machines and the frequency of uses. But, on average, the standard models last from 3 to 5 years with essential maintenance.

How Often Should I Run A Automatic/Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Depending on the frequency of using the pool, you may need to clean it daily to after every two days. But, if you’re not a regular user, you can clean it once or twice per week.

How Frequently Should I Backwash My Pool?

You should backwash the pool one time per week. Or, you can do it as per your schedule maintenance. In any case, it’s better to backwash right after vacuuming your pool.

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If you don’t have any more things to know, it’s time to choose any of the enlisted products. It’s because we have added all of the best and high-quality robotic pool cleaners on this list. So, grab one of them and enjoy your time!

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