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Every fall, when the days get shorter and the leaves change colors, you know it’s time to bust out your broom for some cobweb cleaning. As soon as you sweep up all of those pesky cobwebs in your house, though, they seem to come back just as fast. Don’t worry! You’re not alone in this […]

how to keep cobwebs from coming back

Shine Armor is a new and revolutionary at-home detailing product that helps protect your car’s paint job. It has been featured on many TV shows and magazines because of its effectiveness in safeguarding vehicles against environmental pollutants, acid rain, bug splatter, and more! But how long does Shine Armor last? And is it any good?

How long does Shine Armor last?

A broom closet or a utility cabinet is a small storage area to keep your essential cleaning supplies. It is usually located in the kitchen or laundry room. If you are looking for extra storage space in your home, you might have wondered, “How tall is a broom closet? How do I make one that’s

how tall is a broom

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality vacuum cleaner for your home, it is vital to know who makes Kenmore vacuums. There are many different brands available, and it can be overwhelming to try and decide which one will suit your needs best. With so many options, we want to make sure that you

who makes Kenmore vacuums

If you are reading this, it is likely that your pressure washer shuts off when the trigger is pulled. It’s a common issue homeowners encounter when cleaning exterior surfaces. The wonderful news is that you can take steps to fix this problem! With just a few minutes of troubleshooting, your pressure washer be back up

pressure washer shuts off when trigger is pulled

So you bought a Ridgid shop vac since you heard it’s excellent for cleaning up spills, dirt, and debris in a variety of settings. But do you even know how to use one? This article will show you how to use a Ridgid shop vac for all your cleaning needs. This guide also includes essential

how to use Ridgid Shop-Vac

Vomit stains are an unpleasant and unsightly problem that many homeowners face. It can be challenging to get rid of these stains because they often soak deep into the carpeting and the pad below. Old vomit stains are also almost impossible to clean out without the proper tools and techniques. The good news is that

how to remove old vomit stains from carpet

Slate flooring can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it is not always the easiest material to maintain. It might seem like the perfect solution to hiring a professional, but that can get expensive. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to clean slate tile flooring so that they will continue looking new

how to clean slate tile flooring

If you have a bloody nose or cut yourself, and there’s blood all over your carpet, don’t panic! You can get the blood out of carpets and rugs with simple cleaning supplies. This comprehensive guide talks about how to get blood out of carpet using items you’d usually find in your household. How to Get

how to get blood out of carpet

What is the purpose of replacing a vacuum cleaner’s belt? What should you do if your Shark Navigator has problems with suction power? We understand that changing the belt on a Shark Navigator can be tricky, but keeping your vacuum running efficiently is necessary. Hence, this blog post included tips on how to change the

how to change belt on Shark Navigator
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