7 Best Vacuums For Small Apartment: Reviews & Buying Guide

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When you move to a smaller house or apartment for work or any other purposes, you need to buy some household supplies along with electronic appliances.

Those are because of making to fulfill the requirements of your new apartment. Among the household stuff, buying a suitable vacuum is a crying need to keep your home clean and safe.

You might have vinyl tiles, carpeting, or hardwood floors at home. If you use a high-quality vacuum cleaner, it’ll help you minimize the time that you need to complete the cleaning tasks.

That’s why we’re going to share some top-rated vacuums for small apartments that certainly fit and perform well. Well, let’s get started!

7 Best Vacuums For Small Apartment (2022 Update)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light DuoClean Bagless Corded Vacuum

The latest technology of DuClean of the Shark Rocket provides you some good reasons to choose it as a suitable apartment vacuum cleaner.

First off, this is extremely lightweight with just 10lbs, and you can convert it into a handheld model when you need it. This makes it easy to maneuver around.

Also, Shark comes with some handy attachments, including brush rollers, nozzle, and pet tools. As a result, you can complete the cleaning tasks as effectively as quickly.

The dust container of the vacuum is big enough to hold a more massive amount of dust and debris without emptying it frequently.

Shark has developed it as the design of brush roller, so it’s capable of pulling in the enormous dirt, pet hair and smaller particles as well.

For easy and quick access, it has LED lights along with multi-tool to collect all pet hairs from the most types of surfaces.

Most importantly, these LED lights help you to see and use vacuum cleaner accordingly the corners and hallways where there lighting is not sufficient.

Thanks to its overall flexibility, user-friendliness, and convenience, this is undoubtedly a fantastic device to use in your tight living space.

The head of the vacuum has designed for the best results when you clean the high pile and low pile carpets.

Also, it’s easy to store because of its compact design that takes a little space than other models. The corded vacuum is equipped with lots of practical accessories.

These include floor nozzle, wand, storage clip, crevice tool, wall mount, and multi-tool for the pet hair. Overall, it’s a perfect choice for your apartment.


  • Easy to use and convert into a handheld
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Suitable for hardwood and carpet floors
  • Powerful suction


  • Not included a dust cup filter

Dyson V10 Cyclone Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

Most similar to the previous model of Shark, the V10 of the Dyson brand is as prestigious as the popular choice of thousands of users across the globe.

The vacuum cleaner offers reliable cleaning power like the premium models of cordless vacuums at a comparatively reasonable price.

The design of the motorized brush is good enough for this upright model that performs deep cleaning tasks.

As a result, it’s capable of cleaning rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, drapes, and upholstery to lift away dirt, debris, pet hair, and even large debris.

You’ll not get these facilities from any other available models of cordless vacuum cleaners. So, if you’re in search of a big device suction power with great versatility, the V10 is your absolute choice.

Also, it’s all set to meet all your requirements that you expect from a cordless vacuum.

Besides, its torque-drive cleaning head works nicely and can remove 25 percent more dust from floors and carpets than its previous model, V8.

The model is the most powerful one among other products of the Dyson brand. That’s why it’s suitable for your apartment and home.

You just need to make a simple click to convert it into a handheld model and runs about 60 minutes.

So, it’s good to work with you for a long time to get done all your cleaning tasks. You can store it in an organized way because of its wall-mounted port and ready to use anytime you need it.

The vacuum comes with three different modes that allow you to complete any cleaning task on the most types of floor types and get the job done. We have reviewed Dyson V10 briefly in our comparison guide, you can check it out here.


  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy built-quality
  • Capable of cleaning all floor types
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Batteries are not removable

Hoover Linx SH20030 Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vac

The vacuum is made from the famous Hoover brand. The Linx SH20030 is perfectly suitable for your compact apartment for useful features and functions.

You’ll love this model as it meets all your requirements and fits your profile if you’re in search of a lightweight vacuum.

Also, the device is budget-friendly while comparing with some other models of similar features.

As this is a bagless vacuum, you can save some additional costs such as you don’t need to buy dirtbags.

Apart from its higher affordability, its brush roller is powerful enough to clean carpet that the critical reason to enlist this vacuum in the review.

You can make your daily cleaning tasks just like fun with this versatile, sleek vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum is always ready to provide you with excellent upright performance.

Along with the cyclonic HEPA filter and the latest technology, this device works perfectly on the most types of floors and carpeting systems.

The model is not just picked up all available dirt, pet hair and other debris; it also works excellent in tight to reach spots with swivel steering.

With a lower profile base, it’s equipped with fantastic cleaning bristles and stylish recline handle.

As it’s consistently all set to go, you’ll not be bored while doing cleaning tasks for a long time and get the job done easily.

That’s because of its extremely lightweight body, and user-friendliness keeps you always on the top.

So, you can enjoy easy cleaning all types of dirt including dust, large debris and pet hair with the great support of its 20-foot long power cord.


  • Swivel Steering
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight design
  • Long power cord


  • Accessories are not included

Shark HV292 Rocket Ultralight Corded Handheld Vacuum

Are you in search of lightweight and compact designed, but authoritative handheld vacuum?

Then, the HV292 of Shark Rocket is your perfect solution. The vacuum is not just a useful piece of the tool; it’s also very suitable for a tiny apartment or studio.

Now, you can finish your vacuuming with less time while using this model. Apart from cleaning your residence, the device is also useful to clean your can inside.

As it’s a corded vacuum, it’s a lifesaving tool for your furniture, stairs, and floors that need long vacuuming sessions.

A motorized mechanism with a brush bar that captures and lifts all types of pet hairs from all spots of your house is its most robust selling point.

The dust container of the vacuum is straightforward to empty with a washable and reusable filter.

As a result, you can reduce the maintenance of the device because you don’t need to buy new HEPA filters.

Among the models of Shark, the HV292 is the strongest one in terms of handheld vacuum that never loses its power or suction.

The vacuum is well enough to clean and pick up dirt from all types of floor surfaces, interiors, and stairs.

Besides, it has lots of added accessories that help you make the cleaning tasks fun. These include a dusting brush, crevice tool, stretch hose, and motorized Brush.

The inclusion of these accessories is great for picking up loose dirt and debris and all types of pet hairs.

A 15-foot long power cord is suitable for an apartment clean up, and you don’t need to get stressed about batteries.


  • Handheld design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Long hose
  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Not designed with suction control

Black+Decker Flex Lithium 20VMax Cordless Floor Head Vacuum

When you look for a dependable and trustworthy brand, Black+Decker always goes a step ahead than others.

As a reliable brand, it’s very famous for manufacturing durable home appliances. The Flex Lithium 20VMax is also their great product like some other resilient items.

The device comes with a durable and powerful suction for the perfect vacuuming of your overhead shelves and tight spots with ease.

Thanks to its 4-foot long hose that makes the cleaning tasks a breeze.

The battery of the device is 20V and lithium-ion based the supplies a 90-minute long runtime.

As a result, you can complete your cleaning tasks within this time efficiently without any interruption.

Also, it’s sufficient to complete vacuuming tasks of a day of your smaller apartment and get your job done easily.

The floor head, the cordless vacuum can do everything regarding cleaning jobs from the floors of your house to its ceiling.

Also, the product offers unlimited flexibility with its extendable hose and necessary vac attachments. The attachments of the device include swivelling floor head and pet brush.

These accessories make flooring cleaning as easy as less time-consuming that doesn’t affect your other regular jobs.

With these optional and handy attachments, it provides multi-functional and portable vacuuming effort.

From floors to carpet and rugs, you can clean almost everything while using this device.

The most attractive features of the vacuum are its removable and washable filter and bowl for proper cleanup.

The brand is serving the world for over one hundred years with trust and reliability. That’s why this model is also similarly durable and all set to provide you with good jobs.


  • Compact design
  • Cordless and portable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • Not included with a mechanical brush roller

Eureka 3670G MightyMite Corded Canister Vacuum

The mighty mite of Eureka brand is a canister vacuum cleaner.

As it comes with compact, stylish design, it helps you clean your bare floors with ease.

With just a 9-pound of weight, this is not only a lightweight model, but it’s also the best investment of your money.

So, if you’re looking for a handy vacuum cleaner for your apartment, you can choose this one by ending up the searches.

That’s because of its affordability of cleaning the most types of floors such as wood floors, tiles, and bare floors.

Thanks to its compact design, it’s as easy to maneuver and work with for a long time.

Besides, a 20-foot long power cord makes your cleaning tasks less time-consuming because you don’t need to change power outlets while working.

Also, it’s not difficult to store due to its compact size that allows you to put in anywhere for easy access.

With great brush roll, it’s mighty enough to provide you with a deep clean of your floors and carpets.

You’ll get a complete set of useful accessories for perfect cleaning the upholstery and stairs.

The collection of accessories includes a dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and bare floor/ carpet nozzle.

As it’s a canister type vacuum cleaner, it can clean all kinds of pet hairs and dust with ease.

Apart from cleaning your apartment, the device is suitable to clean your car inside to take out the stuck dirt, pet hair and smaller particles.


  • Affordable price
  • Compact and Lightweight design
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor cleaning tasks
  • Large wand for long and higher reach


  • Noisier motor while working

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum For Studio/Compact Apartment

How amazing when someone else does the cleaning tasks while you’re watching a romantic movie! It’s no more imagination if you have the Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner of iRobot.

So, when you’re tired of doing office works and seek to relax at home, you can use this vacuum to make your busy life more comfortable.

Although lots of brands and models of robot vacuum cleaners are out there, we stuck on the Roomba.

The robot is undoubtedly useful to go after because it doesn’t require any intervention of human being. You’ll get some handy features in this vacuum that help you get done the entire cleaning tasks as per your set schedule.

You might be thinking about whether it’s possible or not. Yes, it’s possible while using the Roomba robot vacuum.

That’s because of its automatically cleaning head that allows it to deal with most types of flooring. The floors include bare, hardwood, and carpet.

A 3-stage AeroForce cleaning system comes with multi-surface and tangle-free brushes along with durable suction.

As a result, you’ll be able to dispose of all types of dirt, dust, and smaller particles of your studio or small spaces.

Moreover, the vacuum can pick up all kinds of pet hairs smoothly if your furry dude roams all over your residence.

The vacuum can automatically avoid possible obstacles like furniture or upholstery because of its smart sensors.

Also, you’ll get some other handy features and inclusion of the latest technology. So, the Roomba is highly recommended from our side.


  • Cordless and bagless design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Multi-stage cleaning method
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Sometimes caught under upholstery

Buying Guide

You have to follow this buying guide when you’re in the confusion of finding out a suitable vacuum for small spaces.

That’s because of some crucial features and functions help to make a vacuum great.

So, let’s know the features that are essential to keep on mind while buying a vacuum for a studio apartment.

Suction Power

As people need reliable suction power, they usually buy different types of powerful vacuum cleaners. They like to get the vacuums to clean their houses right away as per their expectations.

The product will not be able to offer you best results if it comes with weaker suction power.

So, you must choose from the models that have better suction to accomplish your cleaning tasks faster.


Size for the smaller apartment’s vacuum matters much. As you’re going to buy the vacuum for your studio type of tiny apartment, it should be the compact and lightweight size.

So, you’ll be able to use and store it up in a convenient way that will not make you tired while doing a long time cleaning tasks.

In contrary, if you choose heavyweight one, it’ll make you bored and may force to leave cleaning in midway.


Usually, vacuum cleaners come with some accessories that ensure more versatility of your cleaning chores. Also, they help you to clean the tough to reach areas of your apartment.

For example, a crevice attachment is useful to clean the corners of your home. So, you should consider buying from the models that come with some handy accessories.

Some other considerable features

Apart from the above-said factors and features, you also should consider some more things.

These include the weight of the vacuums, HEPA filtering system, secure storage, more significant dirt containing capacity, and pressure.

FAQs for Best Vacuum For Small Apartments

Are Any Specific Types Of Vacuum Suitable For A Compact Apartment?

Although there is not any particular type of vacuum for a smaller apartment, you can choose from the models is lightweight, durable suction, easy to store, and come with some handy attachments.

How Frequently Should I Vacuum My Compact Apartment?

It depends on the frequency of the dirt and dust. Usually, you can vacuum your apartment once per week if you don’t have any pet or kid. Otherwise, you may need to do it twice per week.

How Much Storage Space My Vacuum Needs?

It’s dependable on the size of your vacuum. There are many smaller and compact models of vacuums that are suitable for your smaller apartment.

How Can I Avoid Allergic Issue With A Vacuum Cleaner?

Choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with a HEPA filtering system. It’ll prevent dust and pollen comes out of the container.


Now, you know everything about buying a vacuum for a smaller apartment from high-quality products to buying guide. It’s time to choose your preferred vacuum from the list.

And enjoy vacuuming your studio apartment!

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