Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out

Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out?

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If you have an electric pressure washer, it is likely it cuts out from time to time. This can be frustrating and may lead to many questions: Why does my electric pressure washer keep cutting out? How do I fix this problem?

This article will discuss what causes electric pressure washers to stop operating suddenly and how to avoid these problems.

What Are Electric Pressure Washers?

Electric pressure washers are electric-powered machines that help to clean your home. These machines use a high-pressure water stream to remove dirt and grime from various surfaces. They use several types of water filters, washer hoses, and nozzles to help you tackle dirt on your home.

You can use electric power washers for many projects around your home. They can help you clean off siding, outdoor furniture, and other items that get dirty throughout the year.

It is essential to know how this type of pressure washer works to understand what causes them to cut out. An electric pressure washer uses electric power (120 volts) from a power outlet or generator and then converts it into a high-pressure water stream. This electric power is sent to the pump and then distributed via a hose. The pressure washer can have one or two motors, depending on its model.

How Do Electric Power Washers Differ From Other Types of Pressure Washers?

There are several types of pressure washers, namely electric power washers, gas pressure washers, cold water pressure washers, and hot water pressure washers.

Electric power washers are the simplest type of electric-powered machines that you can buy. They use just one electric motor to generate high-pressure water streams for your cleaning tasks around the house or at work.

A gas-powered pressure washer is more powerful than an electric power washer, but it also requires maintenance and gas to run correctly. Gas-powered pressure washers generate high-pressure streams by using two separate electric motors: one is connected directly with the pump, and another drives a larger electric generator that provides electricity to the first electric motor.

Both cold water pressure washer and hot water pressure washer uses a simple electric pump to push the cold or hot water through the hose. Both types of electric pressure washers generate low-pressure streams that can be used for tasks such as washing your car or cleaning concrete sidewalks. Cold water electric power washers are similar to electric pressure washers, but the electric pump motor is smaller.

What Causes Electric Pressure Washers To Cut Out?

For those asking, “Why does my electric washer keep cutting out?” there are several reasons why this happens from time to time.

A Clogged Filter or Hose

A blockage may have occurred in the air filter. Clean the filter and water lines to resolve this issue.

The culprit behind a pressure washer losing pressure is a clogged hose. Remove any debris that may be stuck in the hose or replace it with a new one if necessary.

No Water Flow

If the electric pressure washer has no water coming through the hose, make sure that there is enough in the tank. Check your water inlet valve or the water supply for any obstructions or leaks that may be responsible for this issue.

If there are no problems with either of these items, you will need to replace the pump on the electric power washer as it is likely faulty.


The electric pressure washer overheats due to being used for too long or running at full power continuously. If your machine cuts out from time to time, it could be due to too much use. The electric pressure washer motor could be too hot, causing it to shut off.

Electrical Issues

If electric power is not reaching the electric pressure washer, you will lose power to your electric pressure washer. Check the cord and outlet for any damage or loose connections that may be responsible for this issue.

Try switching outlets if possible to see if different electrical sources could resolve this problem by providing enough electricity to run properly.

If you are using an extension cord, check the length and gauge of the electric cord to see if it is appropriate for use with your electric pressure washer.

If none of these are responsible for your pressure washer problem, you may have a faulty motor that needs replacing. If this is the case, contact customer service or an authorized dealer to discuss repairs.

User Error

If the electric pressure washer shuts off repeatedly, it could be due to user error. Make sure you are using the proper nozzle when washing certain surfaces, and don’t forget about gutter cleaning, which requires a specific type of sprayer!

A common cause for electric power washers cutting out is that they are not used properly. It is essential to know how your appliance works so you can avoid these problems.

Fixing Electric Pressure Washers That Keep Cutting Out

Below are pressure washer troubleshooting tips you’ll find helpful if the machine suddenly turns off.

  • First, you’ll want to make sure that the electric pressure washer is getting enough power. Then, check the electric supply line of your pressure washer machine for any leaks or frays.
  • Next, check your hose and wand connections to ensure they are secure. If either of these seems loose, tighten them accordingly with an adjustable wrench, so there are no leaks.
  • Check the nozzle to make sure it’s pointing in the right direction. If you’re having issues with water coming out of your electric pressure washer, then try cleaning or replacing the filter that is usually found at the end of your high-pressure hose.
  • Ensure there are no kinks in either connection and both hoses are securely in place.
  • Check the electric pressure washer’s spray gun trigger to ensure it is pulled when applying water. If not, check your hose connection and tighten accordingly with an adjustable wrench, so there are no leaks.
  • After, try plugging your pressure washer into a socket that is controlled by a switch. If the electric pressure washer starts working, then your outlet, electric supply line, and electrical plug are all functioning properly.
  • However, if the issue persists, it means there’s probably something wrong with your washer, and you should contact a professional for further assistance.
  • If the electric pressure washer starts working, try testing it out with several different settings to ensure that all of them are functional before using your electric pressure washer again.

If our troubleshooting tips don’t work, it might be time to have your electric pressure washer serviced or replaced.

Using Electric Pressure Washers: Things to Remember

There are a few very important things to keep in mind when using these cleaning tools:

Electric pressure washers need water to cool down for them to work properly. If they are not getting the right amount of water, it will cause overheating. Ensure that when using your electric pressure washer, there is a steady stream of running water constantly hitting its blades.

These pressure washers are not designed to work for long periods. If you’re using your device for more than an hour straight, it could very well cause overheating, cutting out issues, and severe malfunction. Try taking a break every thirty minutes while also adding water into the system with a garden hose to keep its temperature down.

These pressure washers are designed to handle only light-duty tasks. Suppose you use your electric pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning. Try switching over to gas-powered washers if this is the case to avoid more damage.

They are not designed to be used in rain or flooded areas. If your electric pressure washer is set up and running, there should never be any water coming into contact with the electric motor inside of it while you’re using it. Try relocating your pressure washer.

Don’t forget the most important thing: always wear safety gear when using an electric power washer to prevent injury and keep yourself safe from harm! Wear protective glasses and rubber gloves when using electric pressure washer nozzles with high water speeds!

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Pressure Washer

However, electric pressure washers can be finicky if they aren’t properly maintained. Here are some tips for keeping your electric power washer so it doesn’t cut out on you.

  • Clean the pump filter every time you use the electric power washer.
  • Use cold water when cleaning with an electric power washer to avoid overheating the machine’s motor.
  • Check all connections before your pressure again after not using it for a while or during winter months when there is cold weather.
  • Don’t hold the electric pressure washer trigger down for too long.
  • Clean the pressure washer’s electric motor annually to prevent overheating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washers

What Is an Unloader Valve, and What Does It Do?

An electric pressure washer’s unloader valve determines how much water is allowed to flow through the pump. This valve can be adjusted to allow more or less water through.

Check your unloader valve and make sure it allows enough water flow. If the unloader valve fails, the electric pressure washer will cut out.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Electric Pressure Washer?

Every time you use your electric pressure washing equipment, be sure that you check and clean out any debris from its filter, as well as rinse off any soap residue left behind.

What Makes My Electric Pressure Washer Cut In and Out?

There could be a number of reasons for this. If your electric power washer overheats due to lack of water flow or other possible issues, it will cut off until cooled down again.

The usual pressure washer fix for this issue is to reduce the time you run electric power washers and take breaks every 30 minutes.

Why Is My Pressure Washer Not Spraying Hard?

Low water pressure can be a cause of interruptions. Ensure your electric pressure washer is getting enough water flow and that the filter isn’t clogged up with debris. Clean it off every time you use electric pressure washers.

If your pressure washer loses pressure after a few seconds, your pump might be clogged or dirty.

Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Turning on and Off?

Electric power washing equipment sometimes turns itself on and off due to low electric current. Check your power washer’s connections and electrical cord to ensure they are all plugged in correctly and working well.

How Can I Reset My Pressure Washer?

You may need to reset the electric power washer if it keeps cutting out. Check your instruction manual or user guide for instructions on how to do this, and don’t forget to unplug electric power washers before doing so!

Power Washing Made Easy

Electric pressure washers are excellent tools to clean with. They are easy to use, last longer, and don’t require gasoline or oil like most power tools do. 

If you own one, the troubleshooting tips mentioned above will help you should your cleaning tool suddenly stop working. Plus, our maintenance tips aid in keeping your machine in excellent condition for longer!

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